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Quothy Starts Fresh


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Oi, lady!


You have a big nifty picture comparison on facebook.  You should share with the class. :P

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RisenPhoenix, the Entish Aikidoka

Challenge: RisenPhoenix Turns to Ash


"The essence of koryu [...is] you offer your loyalty to something that you choose to regard as greater than yourself so that you will, someday, be able to offer service to something that truly is transcendent." ~ Ellis Amdur, Old School

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How are things going with you? I hope you had a nice weekend and did some fun things with your recent arrival to onederland! 

Yeah, echoing sentiments. Hope things are awesome. Congrats on making Onederland!

Oi, lady!


You have a big nifty picture comparison on facebook.  You should share with the class. :tongue:


Sorry, guys! The last few weeks have been like an emotional freight train and I've only just been managing to hold it together at times. If I wasn't dealing with personal demons, I was dealing with work stress or love life confusion (a.k.a.- this-could-be-either-the-best-or-worst-thing-ever stress). I won't wrap up my challenge point-by-point, but as an overall recap:


Fruits and veggies went well up until the blizzard hit. I ran out and then couldn't manage to get to the grocery store last week. Yeah. Sounds really bad, but it's true. Removing karate (more specifically, that dojo) from my life and adding the gym (and its amazing people) has been really, really good for me.


I will go into detail with my life mission, just in case it can help someone. Dealing with the inner demons was a weird task because there was no concrete way to go about. I started by just acknowledging (out loud when I was at home) when I felt upset/anxious/etc. and then saying (again, out loud) why I felt that way. And I surprised myself a few times by really drilling down into the why of something upsetting me when it didn't seem like a really big deal at the surface. This yielded the most benefits and I 'progressed' quickly. I realized this when I encountered something this past weekend that would have set off an anxious mindset a couple weeks ago and I just shrugged it off. It felt awesome.


My problems mainly stem from two sources: shitty father figures up until I was in college and bully/being socially ostracized from about 4th grade on. There's still things I need to deal with, but I've acknowledged them and know where they come from now. Some of it is just going to take time and actually taking a chance/trusting people and having it not blow up in my face. 


(One of the main issues was that I would often make 'friends' who I would trust and would then let me down. Like ditching me in the middle of NYC on a school field trip, for starters. I need to let people in again, because walling yourself off is no way to really live life.)


I'm really proud of myself for the progress I've made. I'm sad to leave the Monks for a few challenges (hopefully not too many though!), but I'll be around. Still deciding who my next challenge is with (thinking either Rangers or Warriors). 


Oh, and I'm down to 195.6 as of this morning. Damn, it feels good!

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Wandering Monk

Starting Weight: 238 Current Weight: 189.2 Goal Weight: 150




Mile: 12:49 (11/1/14) 5K: 44:07 (3/13/16)



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Awesome progress! You should be very very proud! Keep chipping away and stay strong. You look great and happy and keep building on that. 


Glad to hear that you are making progress in life in an even larger sense than fitness. I hope that it keeps coming together for you. Keep slaying that anxiety demon! I also have a hard time letting people in. Sometimes they can let you down, but if you can get some good people in your life, it can be a transformative experience. We all deserve our own little fellowship and I hope you find yours, you deserve it. 


Keep it up! 


And when you said, 'damn it feels good', I could only think of this song: 



Keep it gangsta! 

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. - Calvin Coolidge (OG MOTIVATOR)



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