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Zeroh ventures into the Wasteland


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In this Fallout themed challenge, the Wasteland Scavenger (that's me) must scour the wasteland for supplies, and be ready for danger at any moment. Though danger seems to have a (rather convenient) habit lately of regularly stopping by every Sunday.




The simple version:

  • Repair weapon condition by completing workouts
  • Regenerate action points by eating protein
  • Collect water by drinking zero/low calorie beverages
  • Scavenge ammo by doing chores
  • Sneak up on enemies by holding planks
  • Defeat the weekly boss and live to scavenge another day

The complex version [edited Jan 09]:

Weapon condition (CND)

  • Starts at 20%.
  • Each workout will repair 20%. The workouts will be primarily bodyweight exercises, with maybe an occasional yoga routine thrown in.
  • Each bullet fired will deteriorate CND by 1% 2%.

Action Points (AP)

  • Starts at 0.
  • 1 AP is regenerated each day for every 100 grams of protein eaten that day.
  • AP is used in battle to add 5 points of half of a weapon's base damage to a shot.


  • Starts at 0.
  • 1 container is collected for every liter of zero/low calorie beverage (with some exceptions). Most of this should come from water, but tea, coffee, soy/almond/cashew milk, and the like count as well. Energy drinks, even zero calorie ones, do not count.
  • Can be used to heal 10 HP at any time (even in battle).


  • Starts at 0.
  • Various chores yield different amounts of ammo:
    • Dishes 1, Tidying 1, Trash 2, Unpacking 2, Laundry 3, Litterbox 3, Cleaning 4
  • Ammo is used in battle to inflict damage on the boss.


  • Starts at 0%
  • Increases by 1% for every 6 8 seconds a plank is held (10% 7% for every minute). Any plank variation counts as long as form is good.
  • The first attack does bonus sneak damage (as a multiplier).

Health (HP)

  • Max is 150


  • A boss fight occurs at the end of each week, and is broken down into turns. Each turn, both sides attack once.
  • The Wasteland Scavenger's attack does the following damage, and uses 1 ammo and 1 AP (if AP is depleted, no AP bonus):
    • (CND * Base DMG) + (AP bonus)
  • A sneak attack (turn 1 only) does the following:
    • ((CND * Base DMG) + (AP bonus)) * (1 + sneak%)
  • Each boss has a different attack.
  • The battle ends when the boss reaches 0 HP (victory), or the Wasteland Scavenger retreats. If it ends in a retreat, the boss may be fought again, but will have regenerated 50% of its health.
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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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To note, I keep track of everything using google sheets, which lets me update throughout the day from my phone. I also make it do all of the fancy math.


Day One


Not a terrible first day. Made it to 103 grams of protein, thanks in large part to an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast, and a cup of trail mix for an after dinner snack (+1 AP). I did a random 30 seconds of planking just for the hell of it (+5% stealth). I tidied up the apartment a bit, and took some trash out on my way to the grocery store (+3 ammo). 80 ounces of fluid, which was a cup of soy milk in the morning and the rest water, wasn't so hard because I remembered to start drinking it in morning (+2 Water).


| HP: 150 | AP: 1 | CND: 20% | Stealth: 5% | Ammo: 3 | Water: 2 |


Day Two


This day was a bit more productive than Day One. Got a personal record of 124g of protein (+1 AP). High protein picks were a Tomato Caprese Panini for lunch at work, an after-workout banana-blackberry protein smoothie (I use a soy protein powder), a cup of trail mix while waiting for beans to cook (didn't know it would take an hour when I started), and mac & cheese with navy beans for dinner. After I got home and thawed out I did wall push-ups for the mini, and then completed the beginner bodyweight workout (+20 CND). I'm getting a bit bored with that routine, but I haven't set aside the time to find a new one. But the good news is, I can actually (sort of) do standard push-ups now! I need to work on my form though, not really doing so well on the keep body in a straight line portion. Adding together the planks from my warm-up, and from the circuits, I got a total of 120 seconds (+20% Stealth). I was good at tidying, and washed some dishes, plus swept half of the kitchen (so I would have a clean floor to workout on) (+4 ammo). And I was really good at staying hydrated, thanks in part to my workout, with 102 ounces (+3 Water).


| HP: 150 | AP: 2 | CND: 40% | Stealth: 25% | Ammo: 7 | Water: 5 |

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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Day Three

There's been some muscle soreness, but nothing too bad. It's mostly concentrated on my upper back, around my shoulder blades, and my legs. I'm actually surprised that my arms aren't sore from the wall push-ups. Maybe my back muscles are the weakest link in the exercise?

I barely made it in the protein department, 101g (+1 AP). Due to time constraints, breakfast was just a Greek yogurt (I may have stayed up too late, and then may have slept in a tad). But breakfast aside, having 3 meals and two snacks seems to help reach that protein goal - as long as I make sure all 5 have some kind of protein source. I did 60 seconds worth of planks after I got home from work (+10% stealth). I managed to do some of the bigger chores today - cleaned the litter box, cleaned the floor around the litter box, took out the trash, and tidied a bit (+10 ammo). And I did okay with staying hydrated - 86 ounces (+2 water).

| HP: 150 | AP: 3 | CND: 40% | Stealth: 35% | Ammo: 17 | Water: 7 |

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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Day Four


Protein wise, the day went surprisingly well: 118g (+1 AP). Food choice wise, mistakes may have been made. I was hungry at work (despite eating lunch beforehand), and there is a lack of healthy food at work. So over the course of the shift, I had a Payday bar, a 1oz bag of Sun Chips, and giant pretzel with processed cheese sauce. I need to remember to make up some bags of trail mix to keep in my backpack.


I was still sore in the morning, especially my legs. I suppose walking 4.5 miles on my rest day may of had something to do with it. I decided to go ahead with the workout, but took it a little easy by lowering the reps (+20 CND). After my warm-up, I did table push-ups for the mini, but only managed to get out 10. (I did try again later at work and was able to double that.) Between the warm-up and the actual workout, I did 120 seconds of planks (+20% stealth).


The days that I work on the evening, I tend to be rather unproductive in the morning. I managed to keep on top of tidying, but that was it (+1 ammo).


I've been feeling really thirsty lately, so that's helping me drink lots of water. So has not ignoring my body when I'm thirsty. 102 ounces (+3 water).


| HP: 150 | AP: 4 | CND: 60% | Stealth: 55% | Ammo: 18 | Water: 10 |

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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I've had to tweak some math to try and keep everything as challenging and fair as possible. The first post has been updated. The most immediate effect is on the stealth percentage, which is now lower (I am not updating every post, but instead of 55% at the end of day four, it would be 40%. Because I'm too good at doing a ton of planks even though my core is amazingly weak.)


It's late, and I'm supposed to probably be at least trying to sleep because I work in the morning, so this is going to be a very brief update.


Day 5

I did a lot better at not eating junk food at work. In part because I remembered to bring some trail mix (made from whatever nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and occasionally granola, I have on hand).103g of protein. I got a random 60 seconds of planks in, and I retried my table pushups for the mini. I washed dishes in the morning, and kept up with tidying. I had a little trouble staying hydrated (72 ounces), and I'm going to partially blame the energy drink I had (instead of choosing something better, like water.)


| HP: 150 | AP: 5 | CND: 60% | Stealth: 47% | Ammo: 20 | Water: 12 |


Day 6

It was my day off, so I didn't have to worry about being surrounded by junk food. I did, however, eat more snack food than actual meal type food. 105g of protein today. Was still a bit sore from the last workout. (It looks like my soreness is annoyingly stubborn and wants to stick around for two days instead of just one.) But I got another workout done, after getting home from a bit of walking. I only did two circuits, but added in more plank work (total of 230 seconds for the day). But three workouts in one week is still an improvement over before. For chores, I tidied and I took out the trash. And water is sitting at 80 ounces.


| HP: 150 | AP: 6 | CND: 80% | Stealth: 75% | Ammo: 23 | Water: 14 |

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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Day 7


I forgot to grab breakfast at home, but I managed to track down a bagel and cream cheese at work. I also tracked down a black bean burger, bread, cherry tomatoes, and hummus for lunch. And the hummus didn't taste like crap like it did last time! All told, 111g of protein. I wasn't too sore, but it was definitely a rest day. I did a little tidying, but that was it for chores. Hydration was a little on the lower side, but still good enough at 70 ounces.


| HP: 150 | AP: 7 | CND: 80% | Stealth: 75% | Ammo: 24 | Water: 16 |



Boss Fight #1

Wasteland Scavenger VS Radroach Swarm


Zeroh slips into Miller's Mart, the stale air a welcome change from the bitingly cold wind. They survey the room. Most of the stores in this area were picked clean long ago, and this one was no exception. According to the thick layer of dust, no one had been in here for a very long time. But the tell-tale scurrying from deeper in the store could only mean one thing. Radroaches. This should be easy.


Zeroh pulls out their pea shooter and navigates the aisles, hoping to find anything previous scavengers overlooked. At the end of the building they pause. Ahead, a couple of radroaches mill about, doing whatever it is that radroaches do. Zeroh lines up a shot, and fires. A perfect hit! One down -- Radroaches erupt from every dark corner you could imagine, converging on Zeroh. -- A fuckton to go.


After the initial shock of almost drowning under a horde of bugs wears off, Zeroh settles into a rhythm of fire, reload, chug water. Many bullets and radroaches later, Zeroh stands victorious, covered in bug guts, and wanting to never see another radroach for as long as they lived.


| HP: 147 | AP: 0 | CND: 38% | Stealth: 0% | Ammo: 3 | Water: 6 |

Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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I've fallen behind a few days in updating. Oops. At least I have a spreadsheet to keep track of everything this time. And to be fair to myself, the last couple of days have been pretty off. Especially Monday. That was a pretty crappy day. I'm also starting to get the "you're eating way too much!" feelings that I need to fight off...


Day 8


114g protein (+1 AP). No exercise and no planks. Washed dishes and tidied a bit (+2 Ammo). 72 ounces of fluid (+2 Water).


| HP: 147 | AP: 1 | CND: 38% | Stealth: 0% | Ammo: 5 | Water: 8 |


Day 9


102g protein (+1 AP). Did squats for the mini, and did the beginner bodyweight workout (+20% CND). Except my body really didn't want to cooperate. I felt pretty drained and sluggish throughout, and didn't really feel like doing it either. And was starting to feel a bit faint near the end. I don't know if my body just didn't have enough fuel, or if I was still recovering from falling/fainting/seizure?* Sunday night/Monday morning. 160 seconds of planks between the warm-up and the workout (+20% stealth). Did dishes, tidying, and cleaned part of the kitchen floor (+4 ammo). I would of done more things, like laundry, but I had to go to bed early because I had to be at work super early in the morning the next day. Beverage consumption was at 72 ounces (+2 Water).


| HP: 147 | AP: 2 | CND: 58% | Stealth: 20% | Ammo: 9 | Water: 10 |


*After it first happened, my doctor at the time said it was likely a seizure (none of the doctors ever figured out what was happening or why, so I take that with a bit of salt). To me, it's always been more like my body just decided to randomly restart while I was using it. One moment I'd be standing up, and the next moment I'd be on the floor with everyone staring at me. Sometimes I'll get warning signs (like lots of static, basically a "shutting down" screen), and I know that I need to sit down immediately. Other times, like a couple days ago, I might feel a little light headed, and then BAM. Floor.


Day 10


104g of protein (+1 AP). More or less. Probably more. I had both breakfast and lunch at work, so a lot of guesstimating. I got in 120 seconds of planks, after I looked at my spreadsheet and was like, "oh, I should work on these" (+15% stealth). I tidied, cleaned the litterbox, and took out the trash (+6 Ammo). I kind of want to do more, but I'm tired, and I have tomorrow off. 86 ounces of acceptable beverages (+2 Water). There were 8 ounces of a non-hydrating, empty-calorie beverage of the energy drink variety.


| HP: 147 | AP: 3 | CND: 58% | Stealth: 35% | Ammo: 15 | Water: 12 |

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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that sucks about the seizure(?).  i have a friend who's been dealing with tonic/grand seizures for a couple of years.  she's gotten pretty in-tune with the warning signs and will grab someone as a heads up.  interestingly enough her docs can't figure it out either.  she's figured out that keeping on top of nutrition, staying well hydrated and avoiding caffeine keep them to a minimum in occurrence and severity, though (yay!).  


otherwise way to be!  i totally slacked off this week with updating too.  ah well. keep rockin.


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Level 9 Snarky Rogue

STR:20 | DEX:13 | STA:13.5 | CON:13 | WIS:17 | CHA:16


battle log


there are far better things ahead than what we leave behind - CS Lewis

find out what you're afraid of, and go live there - Chuck Palahniuk 




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Day 11


It was one of those days off where you plan on doing a whole bunch of chores, but only some of the chores actually got done. Though I did make my own granola! It was Gingerbread Granola following this recipe, minus the pecans, coconut, and candied ginger. I wanted a recipe that didn't have a lot of nuts and other things mixed in because I made it to put into my trail mix, which already has more than enough nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. It turned out great, and my wife absolutely loves it.


104g of protein (+1 AP). I was sore for most of the week last week, so I decided to go with two days between my workouts this time. For chores, I did the laundry, tidied, and washed dishes (+5 Ammo). And 80 ounces of water (+2 Water).


| HP: 147 | AP: 4 | CND: 58% | Stealth: 35% | Ammo: 20 | Water: 14 |


Day 12


103g of protein (+1 AP). I did the beginner bodyweight routine, and redid the regular squats for the mini (+20 CND). I also tried the other varieties. Pistol was a complete no. The various shrimp ones, I could get down with not too much trouble, but getting back up was a problem. I need to retry them after double checking on the form (mostly on how deep you're supposed to go, I've always had a tendency to go too deep with squats and then get stuck). For planks, I totaled 240 seconds between warm-up, workout, and an extra plank (+30% Stealth). Chore-wise, all I did was tidy up a bit (+1 Ammo). Water and soy/almond/cashew milk (I ran out of soy milk so I topped the glass off with the almond/cashew milk) totaled to 86 ounces today (+2 Water).


| HP: 147 | AP: 5 | CND: 78% | Stealth: 65% | Ammo: 21 | Water: 16 |

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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I made granola this week too! It's so good and no refined sugar. Sounds like you are doing well! (I couldn't get up from the shrimp squat either, let me know if you discover anything that helps before Sunday!)

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Race: Elf   ~   Class: Druid Apprentice   ~   Level: 12

Current Challenge

2015-2016 Challenges: OneTwo, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

2018-2019 Challenges: (first one in progress)


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I made granola this week too! It's so good and no refined sugar. Sounds like you are doing well! (I couldn't get up from the shrimp squat either, let me know if you discover anything that helps before Sunday!)

I had been thinking about making granola for awhile, and then I saw your post, and thought that I really should just go ahead and try to make it.

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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It's been a little while since I've posted an update. I don't really have time to do a full update right now (plus I'm using my phone), but I'm still doing pretty good. A little low on water a couple of days. And I need to figure something out with the DOMS, because two days of soreness is pretty frustrating.

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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Week three went okay, but was less than ideal. I just barely failed the boss fight. And then week four I lost focus and stopped tracking stuff.

Overall, I give myself a C+.

So, things I've learned:

- The system of collecting things over the week and then using them in a battle works pretty well. It helps to make things fun and adds a bit of incentive to push just a little more.

- I rather consistently start losing my focus around week three, no matter how things are going.

Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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I'm planning on doing a three week challenge, with "week four" as a chance to get bonus points or to catch up. If I look at week three as my last week, it should be a little easier to stay focused. It'll also give me a little more time to prepare between challenges.

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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I've decided to continue using the stat points as in the previous challenge, but setting it to 10 points per challenge since it's two less weeks. So to wrap up the final loose end of this challenge, here's how the stats played out (~ means rounding):


Repair weapon condition by completing workouts: +2 STR, 90% = 1.8 ~ 1.75
Regenerate action points by eating protein: +2 CON, 90% = 1.8 ~ 1.75
Collect water by drinking zero/low calorie beverages: +2 CON, 70% = 1.4 ~ 1.5
Scavenge ammo by doing chores: +2 WIS, 75% = 1.5
Sneak up on enemies by holding planks: +1 STA +1 STR, 80% = 0.8 ~ 0.75, 0.8 ~ 0.75


Level 4:  7 STR (+ 2.5), 2.75 DEX (+ 0), 8.75 STA (+ 0.75) , 8.75 CON (+ 3.25), 12.25 WIS (+ 1.5), 3 CHA (+ 0)


And finally, here's my new challenge: Zeroh's Pre-birthday Challenge.

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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