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6 months to (relative) glory!


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So... the virtual meet in February sounds interesting, and it's probably time for me to change my training a bit. So, for the next few weeks I'm going to do some dead lifts and bench press (in addition to my normal squats) and see what I can do in the meet.


Right now my goal is to beat the marks I set in the only other virtual meet I attempted, back in April 2012 (and to go deep enough in my squat where I feel ok to count it. It's still an issue): 485# squat, 255# bench, 525# deadlift.


I did a very quick workout last night, and I got a double in the bench press at 205 and a double in the deadlift at 405. Neither one felt particularly heavy, but it seemed like a good idea to not push it too hard the first day.

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