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Newbie Ranger Seeks buddies for January Challenge

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Hi, I am keen as a fellow newbie ranger.


My goals are as follows:



No sugar for the challenge (no biscuits, tarts, chocolate etc)

Try one new recipe each week



Run 1 km continuously by the end of the month



Write in my journal at least twice a week.


If these match with anyone else so much the better.



Also, I have a question - how do people get the percentage bars at the end of their posts? They are awesome and would work well for my brain!


Hopefully you are happy to have me :)

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Great to have you both!


To become a ranger you just decide to be one! You can go to the ranger board in the challenge and post your goals there. :)


I think you can add the progress bar easily using one of the helper icons above the text box when you make a post. it is to the right of the icon that looks like a chat bubble. :)


I'll try to check in regularly on you both for your progress. :)


Where are you guys from? 

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Hi there; I just re-discovered this forum after about a year and a half and am likewise rediscovering fitness.  When I first joined I veered toward the Rangers, and this time will either go that way again, or to the Warriors, but I'll support you in your goals regardless.


My challenge thread is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/76233-waking-the-mountain-king/


And in short my goals for the month are:


Squat 200lb 3x5

Deadlift 300lb 1x5

Bench press 100lb 3x5

Run 1.5 mi in 16 min

Run 3.1 mi (5k) in 45 min

Sleep better

Eat more protein

Stop buying new clothes I won't fit in two weeks later

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I'm doing pretty well on my challenge, minor setbacks aside.  My squats feel solid, my bench presses are good, my deadlift could use some work, and I'm taking a week off running to allow a leg injury to recover, but I still anticipate meeting my goals for the month.  I had to make my running goal much more aggressive than I first anticipated, so even if I don't improve it any more, it's still a win.


My fiancee is mildly concerned about my increased food intake, but we both agree even though I've lost no weight, I look better than I did a month ago.  I think I've dropped an inch off my waist, and put it on my chest.

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Hey team,


Sorry for my complete absence, I have been away, had visitors at my house and just not got to the computer.  I'm doing okay with my goals, just!  I have eaten some biscuits etc, but it was visiting two different 96 yr old family friends who the only thing they can do for you is feed you, and I am not going to say no to them :)  Running - I have hurt my calf muscle, maybe torn it so running is out the window, some days walking around is hard.  Recipes and diary writing are fine and my eating has been great except while I was away.  I am still feeling pretty good and feeling more like I can keep this up long term which is what I am really after which is why I am not letting small breaks worry me too much.


Cryosilver, sounds like you are doing really well. I love deadlifts, I could work on them all day if I needed to (except I may run out of energy!).


Divertida9, IamKathybrown and Letitrain - how are you all going? Successes, concerns???


I am from Canberra, Australia so it is summer  holidays for me at the moment, hence the visitors, away time etc.


Love to hear how you are all going.

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Hi everyone! Hope u all had a great weekend! I've been getting in more activity despite the winter with the help of my desk cycle! I also made it to Saturday group personal trains which was brutal but I was so proud to complete it!

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