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The Great Sisyphus Challenge of Valyria Watersinger

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The Great Sisyphus Challenge of Valyria Watersinger

as told by DrCompanion

Chapter 43

Never Give Up, Never Surrender



Valyria stared into the dirty mirror, forcing her eyes into objective focus. The hideousness of the sight

glared back at her in defiance and pain; every curve, every lump screaming at her to look away. It had

only been a few short years ago since its last race, its last lift, and it knew it all too well. The void

of sadness left behind had long since burned away, leaving only jagged clumps of regret in its place.

“Yes, the medical issues could be considered a reason, but...†Valyria thought as she continued to stare,

disgust rising like bile in her throat, “there are no reasons that are truly acceptable.†She knew this

stray line of thinking was nothing more than a leftover mechanism of the mind, developed from her

difficult upbringing and subsequent abusive first marriage. But, as with all learned responses, she

recognized it for what it was and swiftly shoved it aside. Valyria took a deep breath and raised her arm.


Touch... open... touch... focus... touch... click.




Touch... open... rinse... repeat...


She turned off the bathroom light and walked upstairs, the newly created images forever captured via

pixel. As she sat on the edge of her bed, she opened her Gallery and looked at the pictures. She willed

herself to find that spark within herself that she knew lay there. Bravery is not being unafraid. It's

being afraid and doing it anyway. Valyria looked up at her wall. The images of success, the race bibs

and medals hanging there, reminding her of those moments of bravery garnered only a few short years ago.

The smile on her face in each and every picture whispered to her.


She knew what she needed to do.

Memo app in hand, she began to scribble out ideas, both vague and specific. The scribbles became a list.

The list became a plan. She let her thoughts flow freely and allowed her limits to dissolve. Her hand

moved with deliberate speed, jotting down anything that came to mind, eliminating any negativity that

tried to enter into this new world. “No more negativity. There's been too much of that already. I will

find a way. I will work the problem.â€


After she could scribble no more, she chose four goals to continue her journey with; four seemingly

simple goals that would challenge her to find her strength yet again and sacrifice her known comfort

level. Unlike the four books in 'The Time Machine', these would not be kept secret. She would declare

these goals in a public forum best suited to her needs, where support and care would be found to assist

her on her new adventure.


Valyria closed the app and placed the phone on the table beside her bed. Curling under her covers, she

considered the journey she was about to undertake. Her eyes quietly closed and a soft smile curled along

her lips as a final thought drifted through her sleepy mind...


“The game is afoot, Watson. Let us begin...â€


The Goals of Valyria Watersinger


1) drink 1 gallon of water per day (preferably not all in the evening)

2) eat a vegetable with one meal every day

3) deliberate activity 2x/week (doesn't matter what it is as long as it's conscious and active)

4) play with the kids for 1 solid hour every day (no tv or electronics, get down on the floor or outside)


Valyria WaterSinger

Half Dwarven Half Sexy Ranger

Current Companion of the Nth Doctor

"The ending has not yet been written..." ~Myst

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We have very similar goals for this challenge!  Good luck!

Level: 15 Race: Human Class: Adventurer (Sailor Senshi/Aes Sedai)

STR: 14    DEX: 12    STA: 16   CON: 28   WIS: 26    CHA: 15 

(unspent points: 6? challenges worth)

Weight Loss Progress (SW 12/5/15 272)

Mini-Goal: Get back down to my low 152.2 - SW 6/1/17 170.4 - CW 6/10/17: 166.6

regained the last few months - back on track losing in June


My Battle Log|My NF Character Sheet




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Hello Dr Companion and welcome to the Rebellion! Good to see you with the Adventurers for your first challenge and you have nice and specific goals. 


Good luck! I'll be checking in with you regularly. 

If it's not siesta or fiesta, I'm not interested. 

Profile picture credit : NF's resident super artist - NinjaKitten

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