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starting again, for the final time

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Hi All,


My name is Emma and I live in Canberra, Australia.


Four years ago I began a new and improved lifestyle when I started with a Personal trainer.  I discovered the world of exercise and have never looked back.  In the process I lost nearly 35 kilos (77 pounds) and was feeling pretty amazing.  In those four years I have maintained the exercise to differing degrees but have put on nearly all the weight again in the last two years.


I have been reading NF for about 18 months and have pre ordered Steve's book.  I saw that there was a challenge so took the plunge and entered the forums.


My goals for the challenge are



No processed sugar products for the month (biscuits, chocolate etc)

Try a new recipe once a week



Run 1km continuously by the end of the month



Write in my journal at least twice a week



Thanks for reading.  Hope to hear from some of you as I continue to try and work out all these different areas in the forum!

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Hi Emma! I feel your pain, so to speak. 2 years ago, I was doing good. Exercising regularly, eating better, etc. I had finally lost almost all the weight I had gained since high school. No more muffin tops, heck my pants were comfy! Then, I don't even know what happened. Gained 15 pounds back, in my butt of course. So, I too have returned to the battle. I am new to NF, but already see that this is a great place for support and camaraderie.

In short ( or not so short ) You got this!

 Level 20 Daywalker


Rinna joins the Fellowship to Rivendell      318.24/458



"The only way to lose is to give up."

 -Tanktimus the Encourager

"You can't beat someone that refuses to give up."

-Björn Járnhamar



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So, my doing well is a bit all over the place.  I went and visited some family friends for a few days, they are both 96 and all they can do for you is feed you and I am not prepared to say no, you pretty much can't!  So I have eaten some biscuits and chips but have been good otherwise and in my own place. I have also torn a calf muscle so the running is a no go at the moment, even walking some days is hard.


I am feeling pretty good though, and feel like I can maintain this long term which is really what I am after.

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Well I am now doing worse than last week.


Onwards and upwards though!


I have spent about three hours on this website reading and working everything out. I was a bit confused by all the different areas you could post.  This seems to be a good place to write but there are also the daily battle logs which I might start.  Any suggestions about how other people make the most of this website?  I have also just written a much longer post in the challenge forum so maybe that should be here. I really would do best I think with one place to follow and write in rather than doubling up.


What do other people do and think? Any hints or tips would be greatly accepted and taken in to consideration :)

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I post in the Daily Battle Logs and if I do a Challenge I just cut and paste. The DBL is where I can log everything and keep it to refer to later, the Challenge is just for Shits and Giggles really and I like seeing what the Warriors are doing.

In the Ranger Guild are a few Aussies, Thom the Lycan and Rolling Stoney, they are awesome.

Good luck with your journey.

Wait! What............?

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