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novapig's first challenge


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Quest 1: No sugar (25xp)

 I want to stop my sugar cravings so for a month I will not eat anything with added sugar or fruit on its own.


Quest 2: fitness (15xp)

 I'm doing  30 days of yoga of yogawithadriene and I have aerial dance classes two times a week, my second quest is to complete the  thirty days and going to all my classes.


Quest 3: Cartwheels (5xp)

 Cartwheels progression 3 times a week.


Quest 4: Keeping my room clean (5xp)

 Everytime I go to the kitchen I will take any dirty dishes/trash i have.

 If I'm panning of using my clothes again i will put them in their place instead of leaving them on the floor.

 Every sunday I'll tidy up one part of my room.

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I adore YogaWithAdriene! My roommate and I were going to do the Yoga Camp this month, but we don't have enough time when we're both home. I am, however, doing yoga 4+ days a week as part of my challenge.


What sort of aerial classes do you do? I love aerials!


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Welcome to NerdFitness! I loved yoga with Adrienne when I did the 30 days challenge. I need to get back into that ;) Also, your tidying strategy sounds great, it's so much easier making a habit of little things like these than waiting for it all to acummulate ;) I hope your first week went well and you'll keep us updated with your progress!

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Welcome!  Fantastic goals - I'm doing something really similar to your tidying goal with keeping my kitchen clean.  Small steps is the way to go!  How did your first week go?

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Hi there novapig!  Any updates?  I hope you are doing well!


I am one of the assassin guild ambassadors. You may not yet know where you plan to go after you finish up your first challenge, but if you are interested in cartwheels and gymastics/tricking type things you may be interested in hanging out over with us! We are a friendly bunch with many and diverse interests;this includes gymnastics and tricking and spans from that to calisthenics, circus arts, dancing, parkour, obstacle courses, climbing, weight lifting, yoga, and more! So many shiny things to do and try!


We also love a ridiculous cat GIF!




Wherever you may go in the long run, welcome to the challenges and please by and say hello to us over on the assassin boards! Some threads that may be of interest:


The Assassin Guild Info, FAQs & Announcements(official assassiny challenge info)

The Assassins' Den guild chat thread (come talk to us! ridiculous cat GIFs encouraged!)

The Level 1 Assassin Initiates Q&A/Chat thread (meet other level 1 possible future assassins!)
The Assassin Phonebook (what are current assassins doing?)



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Hey guys I've been doing everything except the no eating sugar diet. Thanks fot the support.



Hoop and silk.


I am glad to hear things are going well for the most part! I think diet change stuff can be some of the most difficult habits to change (at least for me it was. Fitness stuff I love doing so it's easy to motivate myself on that.)  Is there anything in specific that is your crutch with sugar? Like, soda? Or more of a sweets that you eat? Maybe making a goal of cutting back to only a certain number of days a week you are allowed sweets would work better for you than 100% cutting it out? Baby steps might be easier to slowly build up the habit!!


For some reason I somehow didn't notice earlier that you are also an aerialist! Me too! :) My gym does multi apparatus for all classes; my best is hammock but I am getting better with silks and I really want to focus on getting better on lyra/hoop and trapeze this year. Hard apparatus are so weird to work on when you are used to all the fabric all the time!

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