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Always growing and leveling up

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I guess I'll go ahead and introduce myself (I got a little long winded). I was never into sports or exercise growing up, and as a result was pretty overweight in high school. In college I joined a gym with some friends and ended up being the only one that stuck to it. I loved it and made some really good gains.

My biggest downfall was and still is my diet. I love to eat. So even though I was working out religiously I was also getting fatter. By my 29th birthday I was finally fed up and had reach an all time high of 240#. I couldn't run, I was fat, and the weights I was lifting were not where I should have been with 11 years of lifting under my belt. I vowed to get in the best shape of my life by my 30th birthday.

I revamped my diet to about 95% whole foods. I also decided to revamp my workouts and up the intensity. I ditched the weights in favor of bodyweight movements and started jogging/running. By my 30th I had gone from 240 to about 170, and reached my lowest weight of 153 (this was with lots of running thrown in, but I feel like I lost a good bit of muscle mass). When my daughter was born in 2014 my wife and I cancelled out gym memberships and continued training at home, still with mostly bodyweight exercises. We finally got a weight bench for the house, so I'm now back to weight lifting and trying to put on some muscle mass. I tend to hover around the 160# range these days. I like being in this weight range, but I'd like to recomp a little more while staying around the same weight.

For the more important stuff: I love fantasy, sci-fi, and comedy (movies, shows, cartoons, books, video games, etc, my wife and I love to play video games together, and I'm almost done with my second round of school (this time tech school) and am looking for work in my new field, which is exciting and scary.

So that's a little about me. Hello, fellow nerds!

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