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thatBrownCat's Progress Notes

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I'd like to post something marvelous, something entertaining for my first entry...


but then I remembered I like to keep things simple. 


I'll save the marvelous and entertaining ones for the future entries.


I might use the template Stacy mentioned in a post which I forgot.




January 7, 2015



- ate 2 eggs

- drank 2 cups of non-fat milk

-ate something I don't know if it was healthy or not



- 3 X 20 bodyweight squat

- 3 X 4 Bodyweight Pushups

- 1 x 20 kettlebell swing

- 2 x 10 kettlebell clean and press

- attempted to do chin-ups...ended up hanging on the bar.


Level Up Your Life

- assembled my first door gym!

- emptied my bag and put all its contents in a box (used Konmari's method here)


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January 9, 2015



- ate a lot of stick-o (wafer sticks). I consumed 12 sticks. (uh-oh)

- drank a glass of milk



-rest day


Level Up Your Life

- drafted an article someone commissioned me to finish by January 10


January 10, 2015



- ate a bibingka for breakfast

-ate a delicious home-made ice cream mom brought home

- ate KFC 1 pc. chicken for lunch (uh-oh)

- ate 2 pcs of steamed Broccoli and a slice tofu, with siopao for dinner (steamed broccoli tastes good! It's my new favorite veggie!)



-today was supposed to be my zombies run routine, but I had a nasty migraine. I opted to sleep. drank ibuprofen and when I woke up, my migraine was gone!


Level Up Your Life

- finished the article I was commisioned to finish!

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