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Well said, Master Yoda. 


Well I meant to do this the first day of the challenge but the website crashed (for me at least) so I couldn't post. But better late than never. 

So for a few weeks now, my good friend and I have begun training in the art of the light-saber. More specifically Shii-Cho, otherwise known as Form 1. We have mastered it, movement wise. But now we have to train the next form and work on incorporating the forms into our fighting. (Some context, my friend and I run a LARPing group, and there is quite a bit of fighting so we like to be on top of our game as much as possible.) 


Okay, enough dily-dalying, here's the goals. 


Goal #1: Light-Saber Training



My goal is to ensure that my Shii-Cho form is smooth and practical. That's why I'm going to drill the dulon (as it is called) at the end of each session of my Parkour training. I will also be fighting with my friend,whenever possible, to ensure that the dulon holds up.



Goal #2: Parkour Training



Recently decided to join a nearby gym and take a few classes. I started to feel as though I couldn't master even simple moves on my own. But I realized I can do only what my mind chooses to do. So I'm going to be in an essence "starting over". I've had slow progress since the beginning due to lack of physical ability but I think I'm to the point where I can really feel confident in my training. So I'm going to begin by:

1. Learning and working on progressions for the three basic vaults; speed vault, step vault and lazy vault.  

2. Working on my roll and landing. And learning to roll on my left side. 

3. Progressing toward a handstand. 

Training in Shii-Cho has taught me that learning in circuits is a VERY efficient form of learning. So I'm going to form a circuit for myself to follow so I can progress and master each move. 



Goal #3: Life Stuff



Get a drivers licences!!! I'm eighteen and just haven't had the time to get one. Also I have failed the written test three times.

Also finish my book, which I started in November, and would like to begin editing.It's just getting the first draft out that gets tedious. 



Alright that's it. Everyone have a good challenge!

And may the force be with you!





Thought I might link my LARPing group website because shameless plugs are fun. 




(If anyone has any questions about message me!) 




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"Our destiny is in the stars, so let's go and search for it."

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I've tried lots of things but I regret never trying Parkour (not sure it even existed when I was yound, at least where I'm from in the midwest).  55 is a bit old to get started now and too many other activities.  But its a very facinating sport and incredible to watch the pros.


Might suggest logging a bit more and w/ a little more detail if you have time.  It's good for building any habit by having something to look fwd to (personal satisfaction of logging your accomplishments) and gives people something to give you feed back on.


Good luck.  I'll be stalking.

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Current Challenge 


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
Diet is 80% of losing weight, exercise is 80% of motivation.

The only thing I am 100% sure of is my ability to be wrong.

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Week Two/Three: 


Week 2: 

Due to a wrist injury from a LARPing event, I was out for a week or so, essentially. 






Week 2 Bodyweight training: I took a break for about half the week and did a bodyweight workout on the 16th. 



Week 2 Parkour: Did some fairly successful training on the 15th. Successfully drilled the step and lazy vault. Though I did admittedly have problems with the speed vault. I'll get it next time. But some amazing news, while exploring I found an amazing spot for training. It's near a library and has all the buildering and parkour delights a tracuress could ask for.


Week 2 Lightsaber: No work done, sadly. 



Other: Went bouldering! As I usually do. Though I forgot to warm up and stretch so I was very very sore. 


Summary: This week could have been better but I've been busy due to my LARP group. But some progress was made in many areas. Overall, not a terrible week. My eating habbits certainly were good this week that's a big bonus. 





Week 3: 


Well the good news is, my wrist is better. The bad, I was really sore from rock climbing. (It's better now.) Also my depression kind of kicked in this week so it was kind of an ill-fated week for me.  




But we push on and we do better next time. After all there are six weeks in this challenge. 




Week 3 Bodyweight Training: Did one workout on the 21st. 


Week 3 Parkour: Tried to do some training on the 22nd but was not in the game. So i'm aiming for tomorrow. 


Week 3 Lightsaber: Didn't do much training this week. BUT I ordered a lightsaber from a cool professional website and it came in the mail today (the 22nd) and I will be training with it from now on. Hope to do some more training next week. 


Other: Did some Elemental Crystal fights (A sort of magic fight in our LARP group) which was a fun workout. Followed by some rock climbing on a wall which was pretty cool. I discovered I can climb barefoot pretty well. 


Summary: This week was kind of a bummer. But I discovered some things. 1. I train in Parkour more efficently when I'm in a place that's far away from my house. Its easier to focus that way. 2. I really need to push myself more. I really hope to apply the second one to next week. And I hope to go running a bit more. I discovered that 3. I am running out of breath wayyy easier then I should.

Anyway that's all for now.  

"Our destiny is in the stars, so let's go and search for it."

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