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Chosing extremes

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Well, that wasn't a first.

I kinda dropped back into old habits. I wanted to lose weight, fast. So I chose to eat very few things for some time (roughly around 500 calories per day) and naturally: couldn't carry on working out. After some time, I woke up and asked myself what I was doing. I started eating again, yet didn't resume to working out.
So here I am. 3 months of not working out, practically having lost all muscles and not being able to run for 2 minutes. I hate cardio. I hate hate hate it. But I got better at it, and now I've lost my progress.


Well, I messed up.


Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time since september. My legs hurt, my back hurts and my arms hurt. 
My walking lunges dropped to 15kg (3 x 10)

My pully rows dropped to 25 kg (3 x 10)

My back extensions have dropped to 10kg (3 x 12)

My leg press has dropped to 160kg (3 x 6)

My triceps extensions have dropped to 22kg (3 x 10)


And my cardio is really non existent. 
I don't feel well, friends. I really don't. Especially my endurance really saddens me. I worked really hard on that. I was never a natural runner, but I loved the silence and being not reachable for an hour per day. So I got better at it, until I actually liked running.






Edit: *Choosing

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I totally understand how frustrating it is to lose ability you used to have. :(


But, the good news is, you're back! It's hard to change your relationship with food, especially when you're really frustrated with yourself, so that's a major win. And, despite being super sore (I know that feeling), making it back to the gym is a woot, too! 


Even though it sucks to feel like you're starting over, that's the part that requires real strength/courage. We're all behind you!

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