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I'm Brett, really excited to get started so thought I'd begin by telling you all a little bit about myself!

I'm 23 and work for a graphic design studio in London which I love, I finished university this year just gone so working and living in a city is pretty new to me! Really into my superheroes with my favourite being Spider-Man closely followed by Captain America, both great inspiration!

A little about my health - I'm 5,11" and weigh in at 11.9 stone. I used to be 15 stone and lost substantial weight when I was about 17, this was mainly through dieting and natural changes. I do a lot of walking but mainly to and from work! I'm conscious of what I eat but could control it a lot more!

I've tried the gym before but gave up due to not enjoying it and not really knowing what I'm doing, I think Nerd Fitness will make this experience a lot better for me as having a community of likeminded people to support me will be great! 

Why I'm doing this -


I want to tone up my body and loose the excess weight that I've been too lazy to loose until now! Explore the city I'm living and working in much more, be more active and eat better! Lots of goals but I'll be sure to take small steps!

Another thing for me is confidence, some of the above will fall into this and boost this but I'd love to feel more confident in myself as a whole!

Unfortunately a few months back when I moved to London I was unfortunately mugged walking home, this kick started my want for getting fit and more confident (as this knocked it big time!) and now I feel ready to start, time to go all Peter Parker on the world!

Look forward to some of you introducing yourself and I'm excited to get started! I'm going to browse the boards for a week or so whilst I begin then join the academy in a week or so and get started big time! (It'd be great to hear your experiences of the academy and to hear some of your stories!)

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Welcome to the rebellion!


Jeepers, sorry to hear you got mugged! That must have been terrifying! I hope you weren't hurt?


Take you time exploring the forums and figuring out what kind of exercise you want to do. There's lots to choose from! 


Good luck! Keep us posted!

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