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Plazmotic Arises: cryogenic slumber was pretty boring anyways


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Welp, the holidays were a complete gong-show where I pretty much forgot all my healthy eating rules. 4 months til my annual climb up the CN Tower, so now is a good time to get back in the zone.


My Rebel Challenge:


Quest #1 – Substitute one sugary drink per day for herbal tea (chocolate chai or toasted walnut, yum!)


Quest #2 - Take one processed snack each day and replace it with a healthy protein smoothie (can’t wait to bust out my new blender!)


Quest #3 - Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a week (this is such a lowkey goal, super realistic for my lazy ass)


Quest #4 – Daily 5 minute dance minute partaaaaaay (more motivation to find THE BEST deep house on YouTube)


I’m printing my quests out so that I can carry them with me at all times as a physical reminder of what I’m doing. :)


Regarding my smoothie; there’s a smoothie wave going around work that started with my team and is spreading throughout the department! I’ve been inspired by my coworkers and plan on making a smoothie that contains…

  • Spinach leaves
  • Frozen mango and blueberries
  • Ripe bananas (if I’ve got them on hand)
  • Chia seeds
  • Almond milk
  • Protein powder

Can’t wait to try it out! To be honest I have always sucked at being healthy/active and I am swimming through a garbage pile of self-doubt right now. Fingers crossed the sweet siren call of SWGoH doesn’t sabotage my goals entirely.

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That smoothie sounds fantastic, not gonna lie.


What sort of chocolate chai do you drink? I tried it once (albeit, at Starbucks) and I just did NOT enjoy it. I didn't feel like it tasted like chocolate or chai at all.

"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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It's a generic President's Choice brand tea we have up here in Canada, but it's delicious! Last night I had it with orange blossom honey and dark chocolate milk.

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I’ve been struggling to meet my exercise goals :( Moving is just… not appealing to me. Got to find a way to make it enticing. Or find someone to pressure me into doing it. :P


Been enjoying my smoothies though! And my tea! It’s so easy for me to eat right, why is exercise so hard?! (I already know the answer to that: I grew up with inactive but vegetarian parents.)

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