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Sambalina's back for 2016

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2015 didn't see me spending much time on the NF boards at all - I was busy studying, building a website, working full time, and setting up my first ever entrepreneurial thing of awesome! But, if 2015 was all about growth, then it seems 2016 is all about uncertainty. 


Which is why I'm back - cos you guys are awesome! But, I've been away so long, I think I need a re-introduction.


So, Hi! I', Sam. I'm from New Zealand, but I live in South Korea. I started on NF in my first year in South Korea, and now it's my 5th year. Through NF I found paleo, lifting, the best secret santa EVER, friends, quests, and a whole lot of love and joy. But over the past year, I worked a bit hard and lost a lot of it. I stopped lifting, really relaxed in my diet, and lost touch with the community. I needed the time and space to build up and become an Eating Psychology coach, but now I am feeling the hurt and am looking to get back into the NF swing of things!


I am trying to start my own business, while keeping my old job - a job I'd rather NOT keep. This year might be a bit of an emotional struggle - I can feel it already. As someone who deals with emotional eating, and also works with others to heal emotional eating, NF is a part of my plan to deal with 2016 in a positive and productive way :)


So hi guys! It feels good to be back! 

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How has no one responded yet!?


Welcome back! Sounds like you have a really full plate of things you're looking to accomplish. Sounds like a lot of fun to me:)


I'm glad that you were able to make a lot of positive changes even if you eased off in other areas. It's good to have you back.


For the rebellion!


You can become a Hero. 

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Welcome back!  Sounds like you know how to handle the stress, and are prepared for it.  On the other hand, if you need a few words of encouragement.


...You got this!!! 

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