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blkhole24601's Final Year of the 20s

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Today, I turn 29 years old. I have one last year of my 20's and frankly, even though I've accomplished a lot, I still don't feel like I'm satisfied with where I am. Which to be fair is fine since it gives me something to work towards!


Once I thought I'd do a 30 Before 30 quest, but even if it was filled with a bunch of little things, that's just... too much. So instead, here is a list of things that I want to work towards throughout 2016, both fitness and non-fitness related!



  1. Work towards a pull-up! Ideally, actually manage it, but we'll see!
  2. Work towards pistol squats! Again, ideally I'll actually manage it.
  3. Work towards center splits!
  4. Solidify the handstands once and for all!
  5. Run a race a month! (Any distance)
  6. Take dance classes at least once a week, preferably jazz/tap, and be confident in my ability to enter intermediate level classes by year's end.
  7. Squat my bodyweight+ (5x5) (ACHIEVED as of March 22, 2016)
    1. Stretch Goal #1: 5x5x165lb
    2. Stretch Goal #2: 1x1x187lb (~1.5x bodyweight)
  8. Bench in the triple digits (1RM)
  9. Deadlift 200lb+ (1RM)
  10. Overhead press 45lb+ (5x5)

Other desires: work on some cool yoga poses, especially those focused on flexibility and hand balances; try out different styles of dance; be more adventurous with new things wrt fitness!



  1. Get my finances under control; budget properly.
  2. Try to take at least one extended weekend out-of-state (since I can't afford to take a week-long vacation due to work and finances)
  3. Try to take at least one extended weekend into the mountains
  4. Finish my novel
  5. Unload all pictures from my DSLR, back them up, and distribute them appropriately. Maybe even learn Photoshop?
  6. Study for the Japanese proficiency exam (I'm years away from actually taking it if I ever actually do, but this is more to keep myself fresh on the language so I'm not cramming before I return in 2018)
  7. Study ASL
  8. Cook more often, either for lunch or dinner's sake
  9. Downsize! Seriously, I have too much crap and while I wouldn't call myself a hoarder, I'm kind of a hoarder, and I do want to live as minimally as possible.
    1. ACHIEVED in March of 2016
    2. Stretch goal: for every article of clothing purchased, I get rid of at least 2.
    3. Next big decluttering project slated to take place in October/November of 2016.
  10. Respond to emails/messages more immediately than I do. In other words, as soon as I see an email, I read it and I respond to it. Same with texts. Related, clean out my email inbox already!!

Other desires: continue to work on my acting and singing chops especially since I'm not planning to do too much theatre this year (one, maybe two productions tops) due to work insanity; get out of the house to see friends/family waaaaay more frequently; focus more on spending money on EXPERIENCES versus THINGS.


Now, near the end of 2015 I stopped with the battle log because frankly, logging my fitness every day was cumbersome during the down periods between challenges. So this year, I'm going to try to do something different: every once in a while I'll check in on my goals and report on my progress on each of them, especially during the interim weeks. No real set frequency in mind, just whenever I get around to it. My challenge threads will continue to be where I'll do the bulk of my updating. It'll also serve more as a one-stop place to check my progress, too, and a place to brainstorm what I'll do for my NEXT 4WC.


So, time to get to it!

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Vicki | Sheikah Bard | Level 13

STR 32.5 | DEX 51.1 | STA 25.5 | CON 37.1 | WIS 26.0 | CHA 31.3

blkhoe24601 Gains the Power to Revolutionize the World

Past Challenges: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13

2016 Battle Log

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Starting (February): 5x5x95lb | 1x1x105lb

Current (April 10, 2016): 5x5x128lb | 1x1x145lb

Goal: 5x5x165lb (remaining: 37lb)



Starting (February): 5x5x55lb | 1x1x70lb

Current (April 12, 2016): 5x5x66lb | 1x1x75lb

Goal: 1x1x100lb (remaining: 25lb)



Starting (February): 5x5x40lb (barbell)

Current (March): 5x5x25lb (dumbbell)

Goal: none



Starting (February): 5x5x30lb

Current (March): 5x5x40lb

Goal: 5x5x45lb (remaining: 5lb)



Starting (February): 1x5x125lb | 1x1x135lb

Current (February): 1x5x130lb | 1x1x145lb

Goal: 1x1x200lb (remaining: 55lb)


Splits Progression:

Initial (February 17, 2016):

15HpZsbm.jpg PDmnr23m.jpg BqQubDim.jpg


Last (April 7, 2016):

8jotjFkm.jpg zbPvhySm.jpg WQIOx65m.jpg


Current (April 7, 2016):

Vu6YR4Dm.jpg ujA9Gwim.jpg 57asIqBm.jpg



February 1 - February 26: blkhole24601 Gets Back Fitness!

Quests: Strength 3x/week | Dance 2x/week | Food Track 6x/week | Budget

Final Grade: B-


February 29 - March 25: blkhole24601 Becomes a Master Builder!

Quests: Strength Skills 2x/week | Flexibility 5x/week | Latin Dance 1x/week | To-Do List 7x/week | Declutter

Final Grade: A-


April 4 - May 1: blkhole24601: Ninja Chameleon

Quests: Workout 5x/week | Latin Dance 2x/week | Balance & Inversions 3x/week | Homemade Lunch 2x/week | To-Do List 6x/week

Final Grade: N/A


May 9 - June 5: blkhole24601 Gains the Power to Revolutionize the World

Quests: Cardio 2x/week | Back Conditioning 5x/week | Snack Control | Spring Cleaning | Piano Practice

Final Grade:



                Initial (3/2/2016)

Weight:          124.6lb    

BF %:              22.7%

Body Fat:       28.2lb

Lean Mass:    96.4lb

Muscle Mass: 91.4lb 

Vicki | Sheikah Bard | Level 13

STR 32.5 | DEX 51.1 | STA 25.5 | CON 37.1 | WIS 26.0 | CHA 31.3

blkhoe24601 Gains the Power to Revolutionize the World

Past Challenges: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13

2016 Battle Log

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