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FortBacon late thread to an early start


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Nerds - I'm late to the challenge - and will be super brief - pretty dry post, but it will help set some direction and a little accountability


LIFE-LONG QUEST: working toward lifelong strength and fitness and career-repair - about 50% on the way to career repair - would love to be that 80+ year-old strong-man with a thriving family ... and would love to be a great coder (Go, Swift, Python) and top business/investment guru to (yeah - weird - but I like that stuff)... maybe writing or making film


Here are my short-term goals


1) Mornings start at 4am (get to bed by 9pm) - would love to succeed at this 4x/week

2) Morning workout - just walk or row or something to get a :-D - and ideal would be to do my bodyweight workout from the NF academyBodyweight workout in the AM - occasional Stronglifts 5x5 - 4x/week would be a win

3) Stay < 1,900 cals - biasing Protein and Fat (and learn more food prep) - every day - no negotiating on food - this is my number one problem and hinderance - I'm stuck BECAUSE I negotiate my way into more food... not good



Study for the CAIA & coding daily - also needs to be every day for the next 2 weeks


So, 4xs/week on 4ams and workouts; every day on calories and studying CAIA/coding


NERDS - thanks so much for all the help you've given - over the past few years you've really been there for me (job change, move to new city, etc) - especially Haikoo, bigm141414, Catspaw, emcee, KiltedCowboy, AlienJenn, LorenWade... you all rock


Time to get back into a good groove - keeping it simple and achievable 

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Rebel - Hunter - Trader - Renewing the body and mind to be as capable as possible - lean & strength

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Found my resources for getting better at food




Michael Pollan really started me on this health pursuit - and I'm thrilled to see him attempt to make food-prep easier and healthier... and then Food Lab - so many of you nerds recommended it. These will be my late-night reward readings after I get all the other stuff done during the day.

Rebel - Hunter - Trader - Renewing the body and mind to be as capable as possible - lean & strength

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*pops head in*

Hey FB!

I can't imagine getting up at 4am daily @.@ that's tough. I have an easier time staying up till 4. How's progress coming on that?

ME TOO! But it is what life calls for temporarily (as I try to be good at job-dad-husband and not put all home-parent duties on the wife - don't want to be 50's dad). Early to bed early to rise for now.


I need to start a new challenge. I finally stabilized - walking most days, lost 7 lbs!!

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Rebel - Hunter - Trader - Renewing the body and mind to be as capable as possible - lean & strength

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