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What Nerd Fitness articles would you parents like to see?

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G'day all,


I'm Dan, the new Nerd Fitness Rebel Family Correspondent, Steve has granted the very important (and very awesome) task of writing about all things family for Nerd Fitness (you can check out my first article here).


I'm a father from Adelaide, South Australia with two (soon to be three) amazing kids.


I work as a fatherhood specialist in a large non profit organization, where I help other dads become the best they can be. In my work I run prenatal classes, playgroups, fatherhood courses, provide counselling and opportunities for parents and their children to bond.


I'm super excited to be writing for Nerd Fitness, but I really want to know what all you parents (or parents to be) would like to read, or learn more, about? 


Through my work, qualifications, and life experiences as a parent, I have a wide range of knowledge relating to parenting, sleeping, eating, child development, mental health, sensory issues, pregnancy, pre and postnatal health, relationships, and much more. So let me know what you Rebel Parents would really like to see on the Nerd Fitness blog. I promise I'll try to keep the dad jokes to a minimum ('Dead-lifts'? More like, 'Dad-lifts'! Amirite?!)...I'll show myself out.


Also, feel free to get in touch, either just to say 'G'day!', or ask a question at any time.

-'Down Under' Dan.

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--Keeping kids healthy.  What's best for them to eat?  Sneaky (and not-so-sneaky) ways to get veggies into them?  Fun activities that other parents may not have thought of?


--Mental health for kids.  Parents want to be the people their kids go to with problems, but sometimes we accidentally say the wrong things.  What are the right things to say?


--Postpartum depression.  SUPER IMPORTANT.  Nearly killed me.  How can new parents recognize it, treat it, and help friends and relatives going through it?


--Also, feel free to throw in all the dad jokes you want. :D

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Congrats on the position! I feel like you are definitely well qualified for the selection, and I'm excited to see more material come out soon.

You know, honestly, the thing I struggle with the most in parenting is the "doubt monster" and the "guilt bottom-feeder." My husband has to constantly remind me, and at times I do the same for him, that there are worse things we could be doing when it comes to parenting. We are not damaging our children by feeding them PB&Js for dinner, by forgetting to change their diaper on a schedule, by not getting in enough social time, or accidentally having them roll off the bed while standing there (sleep deprivation anyone?). A lot of people talk about doubt and guilt with the "It's OK" type blog posts, but emotionally, mentally, why is it such a constant thing and are there more healthy ways to respond rather than just "it's OK"?

Also, as an out-loud thought, why does it seem like parents always need "permission" to care for themselves or prioritize in a healthy way? Almost like when we have young kids/babies, we become kids ourselves again in a way and need care, supervision, outside help to make sure we don't let go of our adult selves.

And more awareness for Dad-only programs (Daddy Bootcamp?), and Mom-only programs (La Leche League is pretty awesome), that have direct mentoring and group support. Learn from someone who's doing it now, get in there and learn it with them, and then you won't feel so absolutely blind-sided or alone when big things come up. Maybe a list of great support professionals to know or find before becoming a parent? My 2nd had severe tongue tie and lip tie at birth, and being connected with an experienced lactation consultant who watched us feed and knew right away something was wrong helped so much.

I think that's it for now... thanks for reading!

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Practical ways for single parents to get fit (you can't dump the baby on someone else & go for a 1 hour gym session, it's a full-on day from morning til night!)


Getting your figure back after pregnancy


Nutrition for babies (age 6 months - 2 years)


Meal planning on non-standard diets (my baby is vegetarian, I am on a more restrictive diet due to a dairy allergy) especially when you have, like, 1 minute to whip up a meal.


p.s. love the photo of baby putting a carrot in your mouth, how cute!

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Exercise/active stuff to do with kids

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I would have loved more stuff on exercise and nutrition while pregnant and breast feeding. :)

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