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Clothing Wars


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Anyone else go for some innocent clothes shopping and find yourself in a clothing war?


I find that most/all women's shirt sleeves are way too tight. They fit everywhere else, but they just can't contain my guns! I'm not saying I'm super crazy swole or anything, but I would like some work shirts that don't look like the the sleeves are about to explode off.


I know guys have this problem, but seriously, do clothing manufactures expect all women to be afraid of getting any muscle (or fat, for that matter) on their arms?

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Can't speak on this with personal experience but I do know a few girls that will specifically buy guys clothing in certain things for that exact reason. It's a nightmare clothes shopping for my mom (who's on the larger side) because the arms are tiny but the torso is big. It defies logic! An upper arm that's not even big enough for my forearm, but a chest area that I can huddle in? What!?


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