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I just respawned. I died before. Now I'm back. Steve's book has re-awakened my inner hero and I'm determined to level up. I'm starting slowly. I want to jump into the next challenge. 4 weeks? Not 6? Alright. A few things to get myself going int he right direction:


  • Ride bike while watching a 40 minute TV show (commercials suck). I know, cardio machine, but it will get me moving while doing something I enjoy.
  • No sugar in coffee at home, and half a teaspoon at work.
  • more veggies
  • really really DON'T eat all the doritos, tostitos, munchies, and cheetos that I make all night.
  • do something to help grow/prepare my business. 


That's about what I got so far. Oh, also I used to be an assassin and I liked that and will continue a bit, but I'm switching my main class to RANGER. This might be temporary. I might make up my own class. Any suggestions for Star Wars classes, that aren't Jedi/Sith?

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I just spent 43 minutes sitting on the uncomfortable seat of my stationary bike and watching the Premier of the new X-Files. That show is awesome. I'm so happy it's back. 


I biked 10.02 kilometers. 

I tried to stick between 13-14 km/h. 

Next time I'll go for 14-15 to try and beat my record.


I also held onto 5 lb dumbbells the whole time doing random curls, flys and isometric holds. 5 lbs seemed good for the length of time involved so I'll do the same next time. Supergirl or the next X-Files tomorrow.


I also had sugarless coffee when I got up (then went to the dentist..BOO! Brush and floss regularly folks. 6 fillings in two weeks is horrible). Later today I'll work on either adding to a blog post for my business's website or starting a new one. I haven't launched my business yet so I want to get some blog posts together so I can post them regularly when I do launch. Oh! I also signed up for Wave Accounting, so I have done something for it today. Yay!

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It's a start!

If you're cool with the hand weights on your exercise bike, go nuts, but make sure you don't add so much work to it that it gets too hard to want to do it at all. I've made that mistake before.

I can see how crunchy Cheetos would be tempting. Crunchy Cheetos are best Cheetos. Puffy Cheetos are what you get if you inflate crunchy Cheetos with an air compressor.


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Jothra: I have been reading your name log. Very entertaining!

The weights don't make it less fun per se, but they do add a distraction. I could go much faster without, but I worry I wouldn't get any upper body work at all. I was talking it easy on the bike today, several times I forced myself to slow down to make sure I wouldn't wear out before the end of the show. Turns out it wasn't a problem at all, at the end of the show I was simply surprised it was done. Maybe I'll alternate between no weights, and focusing on speed and doing what I did today. I did break a sweat, but not as much as I would like. I also feel it in my legs and arms so I know it worked!

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OIE! I don't think that's how you spell it.


I watched X-Files episode 2. and I sat on my stationary bike. I decided not to do the weights and just go for speed instead. I tried to stick to around 20 km/h. As soon as I started pedaling I knew that yesterday had a bigger effect on my poor leg muscles than I thought. It hurt. And I had to take frequent breaks. Too many breaks. Before I started I thought that I would have another go tonight while watching Supergirl. That will not be happening now. I took so many breaks that I actually traveled less distance than yesterday.


9.15 KM


Oh, and quite a few of my breaks were to try and find a way to sit on the bike didn't hurt! The seat is so uncomfortable! I tried a bunch of different seat heights, but not worked.

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The Flash: 42 min

14.68 KM


Tried to float around 20km/h. Would not let my self stop. Stretched a bit afterward. Need to make sure I do that a lot more.


My Square Reader came in today! YAY! I don't plan on really starting up my Business until mid April when my wife goes on Maternity Leave and I have enough time to run it. But I'm getting itchy to start!


I'm making honey garlic chicken for supper tonight. I hope it turns out well since I didn't exactly have all the ingredients...  


And I've been doing great with my coffee! Been on days off and haven't put sugar in my coffee once. This has the added bonus of, I don't enjoy my coffee and I only drink one cup instead of the 2-4 I usually have.

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Swimming lessons with my daughter this morning. She's two so I'm in there holding her the whole time. (+)


She wanted Fries and Chicken for lunch after. KFC (-)


The Arrow

14.68 KM (+)


I need to work on getting that speed to stay above 20km/h to improve my distance it seems. But my legs hurt and my butt hurts even more! Stupid seat. I should note that I turned down my tension the second day this week. Unfortunately there is no real indicator for where it's set at. My current plan is to just leave it where it is and when I can average at about 25km/h I'll turn the tension up a bit. That might take a bit though. And my bike does not show me cadence (sp?).

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Bonus bike. It was 5 am, I wanted to watch Legends of Tomorrow and my legs felt... decent?


42 minutes

14.96 km


I dipped below 20 km/h a few times, but very breifly and I worked up my speed a bit higher quite often. I made some adjustements to my viewing angle, so my head could be more natural to see the screen. I feel that this helped a lot.




That might give you an idea of what I'm working with. I don't think cadence is work it.


Oh, and I work the next 3 nights so that means I probably won't be posting AND I need to grow some self discipline and NOT EAT HALF THE DORITOS WE PRODUCE!!!! 

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I made it through my work week! (Fri, Sat, Sun) without eating any of the products I make! This is a huge huge thing compared to eating 275g bags of Artisan chips most days... I feel like if I could do it one weekend, I can keep it up. I also started a challenge!!! I've been excited to start the next challenge since i returned, but it still kinda snuck up on me. It will be roughly following the same things I outlined here, but with a bit more structure and a few things added. I haven't worked out exactly where I will be posting moving forward. Maybe I'll put workout notes here, and once a day updates on the challenge thread? OH! And I decided to join the rangers. I don't really do well with sticking to one thing for long periods of time, and I'm currently planning to do things from a few guilds so I figured Rangers was a better fit than my old friends, the Assassins. Hope everyone enjoys their challenges!

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Angry Birds workout. After supper since i slept in until almost supper...


Squats 31         31 ***

Push Ups incline 20 21       41 *** 

Back Exercise 1 arm rows 17 15       32 *** 

Planks 61         61 ***


OK, so format doesn't really work...



Most were relatively easy, but I still worked at them. I wasn't sure I should be starting at level one for all of them, but I'm glad I did. The 1 Arm Rows were done with 20 lb dumbbells. I think I should have gone lighter simply because now I don't really have anywhere to go to now. I can't really do inverted rows at all. I think I'll have to skip to negative pull ups.

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Late last night I got my cycling in.


43 minutes, 2 episodes of Gravity Falls. 14.93 KM

I really need to figure out a good position on my stationary bike. I realized near the end of my ride yesterday that a certain body part had lost all feeling. I adjusted the seat height yet again. Hopefully that helps.


I also tracked all my food and did a bit of work on my bussiness's website. And I slept in way later than I wanted to. Yay?

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Angry Birds at 3:30am




Right so. As you can clearly see. it was pretty bad. My arms never quit hurting from Wednesday's Angry Bird's workout. As I expected this schedule is less than ideal. But now I get 3 days off. From workouts. It's 3 long days of work however. Oh well. By the end of the second set of Push Ups, I was collapsing at the end. The last 3 were pitiful, absolutely pitiful. Oh, and the negative pull ups... heh... I think I pulled something in those pitiful 2 reps I got in. Oh well. Onward and up ward!!

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I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. On the one hand... it marks the end of my work week, so like most people's Fridays it is something to be celebrated, but at the same time, I get off work at 7am and still want to enjoy part of my first day off and get my sleep scheduled flipped so I only sleep for 3 hours. So, I end up being grumpy and tired all afternoon/evening (the entire time I'm awake). 


Yesterday morning after work, I sat on the can for a few minutes (stupid Star Trek Timelines on my phone...) and when I got up I could hardly move my neck. I had trouble sleeping yesterday and today, and the pain was almost unbearable at work last night. I put a heat pad on it most of the afternoon and it's hurting less, but still has limited range of motion. I don't know what caused it, but I thought I was feeling well enough to get my Angry Birds on...




I decided to abandon the negative pull ups for the time being. Between how much they hurt on Friday and my new neck tweak thing, I just figure they are a bad idea. I'll go back to them once I lose some weight, and build up those muscles more. Back to one arm rows for the time being. I'll stick with my 20 lb dumbbells unless I find a good deal on heavier ones. The plan is to shoot for a 5 rep increase each time. 


I got my workout in later than I would like. I was just exhausted and sore earlier. Will bike in a little over an hour when my daughter goes to bed.

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X-Files and biking.


43 minutes

15.94 KM


I can crack 16 soon! One thing I like about NOT looking the distance as I'm going is it's this odd motivation. I only have my speed up on my screen, so I know I want to keep above a certain speed (21.5 km/h right now) and I push for that, and I don't want to fall below, and I also want to spend some of the time a bit above because I KNOW that I fall below at times (get too caught up in the show I'm watching). But if I had the distance up I know I would put on a huge push to make sure I tried to go farther than last time, or in tonight's case I would have made sure to hit 16 km. Not knowing distance means I have to keep pushing and be fairly steady the whole time, because I can't just make it all up at the end.


Also, the garbage man will be coming around tomorrow and now I'm scared to death of him.



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Last week's Legends of Tomorrow and my stationery bike.

42 minutes

15.84 km

I'm a bit upset that I didn't hit 16 km. I felt that I was faster than last night. Oh well. I should assumed it would be bad when I felt the soreness settle into my legs while opening credits were still on The screen. Oh well. Something to work towards.

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