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Well yesterday was sucky. I just felt blah all day. Layed in bed for a few hours in the afternoon instead of doing my biking, and this was AFTER not finishing my angry birds in the morning. I was in the middle of an online chat with an old friend when I decided to do my workout. I do it right next to my PC so I figured I could make it work while chatting in rests between sets. Well, he convinced me to start a new (well, actually really old) online game with him, so I did. I told myself I was doing it as a favor for him. Turns out, I didn't like the game at all (or even have a clue what I was doing) and I didn't end up finishing my workout. I left Planks just waiting to be done! I did one after my biking today, but I'll leave it at that because sometime in the night I'll need to get my angry birds for tomorrow done.


Had swimming lessons with Mara-Jade this morning. She's starting to do so good and get braver at them. The last set she did with her mom who is a bit afraid of water, so doing them with me instead is really helping. I love the water and swimming. I really should do more of it.



The Flash. Welcome to Earth-2. I really liked this episode, something about doppelgangers and alternate personalities intrigues me.

42 Minutes

16.33 KM


I finally broke 16!!! I tried to push to 23km/h as much as I could. I dipped down to 21 and as low as 18 at least once, but I kept pushing. Maybe the day off helped? Still not happy about how yesterday played out.

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Stationary Bike:


Legends of Tomorrow

42 minutes

16.71 km


A bit sad that I didn't get to 17 again, but after 90 squats this morning my legs weren't nearly as fresh as they were yesterday. My job is physical, but mostly walking with some lifting. Just don't need to lift from low very often so my legs don't get too wore out. Anyway, I'm happy with 16 km+ for now. And I'm thinking about switching my biking up to a sort of HITT type thing. Not sure yet.

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Keep it up, brother! I noticed that you've mentioned the uncomfortable bike seat. Have you ever thought of maybe purchasing an after market bike seat? I did a quick Google search and saw some for around 20 bucks.

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Stationary Bike

The Flash

41 Minutes

15.87 KM


Sure, not as far as the last few days. I knew I wouldn't be. Or maybe I wasn't as fast BECAUSE I knew I wouldn't be. Either way. THE QUADS. They're done. And I'm OK with that. Some time in the pool tomorrow will be nice. Maybe I'll even get to spend a few minutes in the Hot Tub. Maybe.




Nope, I can't beat Olly. Something to strive for.

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I biked today, as I'm supposed to, but it was hard.


My sister and her two kids have been visiting all week. One the one hand, my sister is currently doing 21 day fix (which means she's eating really clean and working out daily) so she's been helping with motivation. Plus she's a lot heavier than me, and seeing her reminds me that mom is even heavier and has a slew of health issues relating to her weight... I'm MAINLY doing this to be healthy, and live a long time, to see my daughter (soon to become plural) grow up and become women, and hopefully break the unhealthy cycle running in my family (and to look damn good nekkid). On the other hand, this has disrupted our regular routine. Plus her kids are kinda terrible. But back to the routine. My wife decided we should go out for Chinese after Mara-Jade's swimming lessons today. I reluctantly agreed for a few reasons. 1) She loves chinese, hasn't had it for a long time AND SHE'S PREGNANT! 2) In the past I've often been so focused on my diet, so regulated and disciplined that eventually I just snap. I do what Steve often talks about NOT doing. I slip up once (like maybe having two huge plates at a Chinese Buffett) and then I decide that the week's blown already so I'm gonna go buy a family size bag of Fuzzy Peaches, Sour Patch Kids and Cherry Blasters, plus an Xtra Large Slurpee and make a night of it. I need to find balance more. So I had my two plates of Chinese (and two small scoops of ice cream) then I ate a bit lighter at supper. Came in over my calories, but not by huge amounts. 


As I said though, biking was hard. I bike after lunch. Lunch was two large plates of deep fried Chinese greasiness. My gut hurt before I sat on the amply cushioned yet still strangely uncomfortable saddle. I felt like I was biking through quicksand. But I pushed my self as hard as I could.


42 Minutes



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Kind of a weird day for Angry Birds. I had an appointment in the afternoon and Monday I sleep for a few hours in the morning after finishing up my night shift, so I decided to knock my squats out of the way after work and before bed so that I wouldn't have as much to do after my appointment. my intention was to get the rest of my Angry Birds AND my Biking done while Mara-Jade napped, but it didn't work out that way. :( I'll need to bike after she goes to bed now. Which is too bad because I'd like to be going to bed then... 


I'm going to go and update my Challenge post for the weekend and maybe talk a bit about how week 3 went.

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I went to the gym today. At 7am. Now granted, that's not really morning for me, but rather it's close to my normal bedtime. I do enjoy the gym. I don't know why I quit going. I like lifting weights more than I do body weight work. But I really like the IDEA of body weight. Only using my body, functional strength, learning to move myself and be ready for different situations. The idea, is good. But I realized this morning that I just like pumping iron dammit!


Set 1 : 65.0x12
Set 2 : 75.0x12
Set 3 : 85.0x12
Set 1 : 1.0x1
Set 1 : 100.0x7
Set 2 : 100.0x8
Set 3 : 100.0x8
Set 1 : 25.0x7
Set 2 : 25.0x6
Set 3 : 25.0x5
Set 1 : 45.0x5
Set 2 : 45.0x5
Set 3 : 45.0x5


I can't do chin ups. I tried, I really really did. I added in the Lat Pull Down in the hopes of working toward chin/pull ups. I didn't really know where to go with weights so I guessed. I can go up on Deadlift for sure. Hammer Curl I'll stay. Same with Barbell Curl. Lat Pull Down I will stay but I think I can increase my reps on it. Only problem is that I really should be going to bed now, but I'm a little too pumped up.

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Angry Birds this morning. Finally cracked 3 minutes of plank in 2 sets. Kinda wish I hadn't knowing I need to do 4 minutes of it now! I had hoped that more rest between doing AB and other workouts in between would help my numbers somehow, but I was wrong. That's OK, It's more here as a stop gap mid week so I don't loose gym gainz. Or something like that.


Biked this afternoon. Really pushed it. Will my Quads EVER not hurt again?

44 Minutes

Supergirl: Fortress of Whaaaaa?

18.59 km (NEW PR)

I hate my legs. And they hate me back.

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