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The Weekend Gym:




Set 1 : 95.0x5
Set 2 : 95x5
Set 3 : 95x5
Set 4 : 95.0x5
Set 5 : 95.0x5
Set 1 : 65.0x8
Set 2 : 65.0x5
Set 3 : 65.0x5
Set 4 : 65.0x5
Set 5 : 65.0x5
Set 1 : 30.0x10
Set 2 : 35.0x5
Set 3 : 35.0x6
Set 4 : 35.0x6
Set 5 : 35.0x8
Set 1 : 15.0x5
Set 2 : 15.0x5
Set 3 : 15.0x5
Set 4 : 15.0x5
Set 5 : 15.0x5




Set 1 : 95.0x12
Set 2 : 95.0x12
Set 3 : 95.0x12
Set 1 : 110.0x8
Set 2 : 110.0x8
Set 3 : 110.0x8
Set 1 : 25.0x8
Set 2 : 25.0x5
Set 3 : 15.0x10
Set 1 : 50.0x4
Set 2 : 45.0x6
Set 3 : 45.0x5




Set 1 : 85.0x12
Set 2 : 85x12
Set 3 : 85.0x12
Set 1 : 100.0x12
Set 2 : 100x12
Set 3 : 100.0x12
Set 1 : 105.0x12
Set 2 : 105.0x12
Set 3 : 105.0x12
Set 1 : 50.0x8
Set 2 : 50x8
Set 3 : 50x8
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Guess who's back? Back again?


It's time for the "All my clothes are way too tight and I'm too broke to buy new ones" comeback. 


I bought myself a fancy Fitbit thingy mabob. Or at least I ordered one. It hasn't showed up yet, but it has motivated me to get back into a fitness routine. Here's the plan:


Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning: 22 minutes on the stationary bike while doing a chronologically correct watch through of The Clone Wars

Monday evening: lower body

Tuesday evening: Upper body

Wednesday evening: Yoga/stretching

Thursday evening: Total Body/Cardio

Thursday latenight/Friday early morning: Stationary Bike with TV (completely optional!!!)


The evening workouts will be done with a Beachbody Video workout program. I have pretty much all of them on my HDD and I just cherry pick one that matches the day. I can tailor the length of the program choosen to match how I feel and how long I have motivation to work out. They range from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours.


So far this week...

Monday: set up a PLEX playlist of The Clone Wars in the right order so I'm ready to go. 10 Minute Trainer Lower Body. Short and sweet to get myself going.


Tuesday: Body Beast Shoulders. 36 minutes.


Wednesday: 10-15 minutes of an Insanity 'recovery' workout that I thought would be stretching. It really wasn't. Switched and did 10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex. I love that video. I've memorized all the dialogue spoken and find myself talking back to Tony Horton throughout, but I always feel so good after doing it.


PS  I'm getting a Fitbit Blaze. Anyone have any tips for cool things to do with it? Or advice for fitbit use in general? Want to be friends?

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Total Body - Les Milles Combat Kick Start

31 minutes. MFP says 479 calories. Looking forward to a slightly more accurate number when I start wearing a fitbit.


This was the first time I've done a Les Milles workout. I enjoy kicking and punching. I found it pretty hard to follow along at times, but that wasn't helped by the fact I was trying to focus on NOT kicking my 3 year old (came REALLY close once). I hope to bike later while watching a show. By later tonight I'll have a few options: Suits, Arrow, Powerless and Riverdale.

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Later Thursday I did some biking while watching Suits. I think I did around 13 KM. THEN, at 3am Friday morning (without sleeping) I hopped on the bike again and pumped out another 13 clicks.


Saturday morning after work I did around 7 km on the bike with Star Wars The Clone Wars. Sunday morning and this morning I had wanted to and planned to ride while watching more Clone Wars, but it just didn't work for various reasons, including being responsible and shoveling my snow.


While I was sleeping today my Fitbit Blaze showed up so I've been having some fun with it. I'm mostly happy with it. I guess the only big disapointment I knew about before I bought it - the utter lack of decent Watch Faces. This is my first wearable, but I've been watching Pebble and Android Wear for some time and I've admired the many awesome faces out there. The nine or so that the Blaze offers leave me underwhelmed big time. On a positive note: The alarm feature is robust enough for my stupid crazy sleep schedule. I was worried it wouldn't work for me and I'd either have to set a new alarm three times a week to meet my needs, or just stick to my phone, but it works, so YAY!


Tonight I did P90X Legs and Back. I hate leg day. My legs are pathetic and my upper body weight is immense. I should mention that last night at work I was hit with a nasty cold. Got a super sore throat and lost my voice within minutes of starting my shift. Still can't talk. If I hadn't got the Fitbit as extra motivation (BOO MOTIVATION, DEVELOP WILLPOWER!!!) I probably would have used the sickness as an excuse to skip the workout. I'm proud I did it anyway AND that I did an hour long one when I could have chosen 10 minutes again. ANYWAY, I did it. I didn't go full out the whole time. I stopped to cough and hack up some flem once or twice. But I did it! Fitbit says I had an average heartrate of 122bpm and burned 695 calories. I guess that's good?


I'm not sure I'm going to continue posting here. So far it's mostly just been to organize my thoughts. Hopefully I get them in order and don't need it. I'll have my workouts tracked on Fitbit so having a second record to look back at isn't useful to me.

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I guess I'm back. I don't know. Trying to get healthy again. I actually have a gym membership this go around. I guess I'll start with my basic plan:


Weight Training 2 days a week, various cardio machines 3 days a week and working a job that gets me 20k+ steps a night for 3 nights of the week. Plus tracking calories and trying to eat at a deficit for weight loss.


Last Thursday was my first day at the gym. I'm intrigued by spinning so I spent about 30 minutes on a spin bike. Then 20 minutes cooling down on a treadmill. I also did a few laps around the gym getting a lay of the land, discovering where everything was.


On Friday I did my first weight workout in a gym. It was lower body day. I messed up. I didn't know what to lift so I just looked back at my workout logs from 4 years ago and started there. OUCH! I made it through the workout (mostly... had to modify some things) and then stumbled home.


Workout Logs
 Exercise Name
Lifting Logs
Set 1 : 135x5
Set 2 : 135x5
Set 3 : 135x5
Set 1 : 95x12
Set 2 : 95x10
Set 3 : 95x10
Set 1 : 0x5
Set 2 : 0x5
Set 3 : 0x5
Set 1 : 135x8
Set 2 : 135x8
Set 3 : 135x8
Set 1 : 85x10
Set 2 : 85x10
Set 1 : 115x15
Set 2 : 115x15
Set 3 : 115x15
Set 1 : 3 Lap/Rep
Set 2 : 1 Lap/Rep
Set 3 : 4 Lap/Rep
The squats pretty much did me in and everything after that was much lower than I had planned. But I still did it. Following that was 3 nights of work. They were excruciating because of the pain and the fact I do 20k+ steps and 15+ flights of stairs during a shift. Monday after work I went to the gym. I spent some time on an Arc Trainer (wtf is that?!) because when I got on it I thought it was an elliptical (and I read that Dwayne Johnson uses an elliptical!) and was too embarrassed to just hop right off. THEN I spent a bit of time on an elliptical and called it a day and went home to sleep.
Today was upper body day:
Workout Logs
 Exercise Name
Lifting Logs
Set 1 : 55x5
Set 2 : 55x5
Set 3 : 65x6
Set 1 : 50x15
Set 2 : 50x15
Set 3 : 50x15
Set 1 : 55x5
Set 2 : 65x5
Set 3 : 65x6
Set 1 : 30x5
Set 2 : 30x10
Set 3 : 30x10
Set 1 : 50x15
Set 2 : 50x15
Set 3 : 50x15
Set 1 : 110x7
Set 2 : 110x5
Set 3 : 110x4
Set 1 : 15x12
Set 2 : 10x12
Set 3 : 10x12
After the disaster that was lifting too heavy on leg day I scaled my planned numbers WAY back for upper body. The result? I feel like I can go heavier, but I also feel good. I don't feel like I never want to step foot in a gym again. I call that a win. After the weights, I spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill to get some steps (gotta stay competitive in the fitbit challenges, ya know!).
I'm not opposed to spending time on the cardio machines. I hope I can figure out a way to get my gyms virtual spinning classes to work tomorrow, but if not I found some on youtube I can try instead. I think I'm probably a Ranger now as far as NF guilds go. I'm not sure how long I'll stick around this time. I do like having somewhere to write down my thoughts though.
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