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Dumbbell workout?

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Hey nerds, I'd like to start lifting a few times a week from home. I have a motley collection of dumbbells, a floor and a yoga mat. Can anyone recommend a good basic selection of moves for whole body strength? Thanks! [emoji8]

35yo chick, currently horse riding, walking and yoga-ing.

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It can be dizzying looking at all the equally good options.  In general, you're doing it right so long as over the course of your plan you're pushing, pulling, using your legs, and hitting your core all in equal measure.  Pushing could mean chest presses (can try to use floor if you don't have a bench) or push ups (lots of variations you can try).  Pulling could mean rows (provided you can find some stable surfaces) or pull ups/chin ups (negatives are a good way to build up).  Squats and lunges are great for legs (for a challenge, you can try working up to pistol squats).  For abs, I love planks.  Separately, I also like to throw in shoulder presses (standing or sitting is fine).  There are a spattering of other exercises I like to do to target more specific areas, but they're only supplements.


This site has a few programs you can follow, such as these.  You can Google "dumbbell programs" and get some ideas, too.  Just keep in mind, a lot of programs you'll find online have a ton of exercises in them.  For your goals (and mine as well), it's probably not necessary to do more than 1-2 exercises per large muscle group if you don't want to.  And personally, I don't care about doing super specific stuff like forearm twists, etc.  I'm also somewhat of a rarity, I think, in that I stay away from direct arm work.  That stuff tends to mess with my elbows, and I'm happy with what my arms get from my other exercises anyway.


If you're wondering, "What about X?"  Yes, X is probably good, too.  Lots of stuff will work, so long as it's 1) something you'll do consistently, 2) reasonably challenging, and 3) not causing pain/overuse problems/imbalance issues over time.  The key here is to avoid "paralysis by analysis" and just get started, realizing that you can and will make changes to your program(s) as you become more experienced and pursue evolving goals.

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I had a play last night - did an ab-heavy yoga workout, then some floor chest presses (hmm, might need to find something to raise my body with, don't get enough range of motion on the floor), rows, squats, lunges and shoulder presses. I can see why dudebros skip leg day - aieeee! Still feeling those squats today! Even though I'm only using wee little weights :redface-new:

Is there a good deadlifty thing I can try with DBs?

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