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Wait...what happened?!? oh respawned

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Ok so today I count as my 1st day after being "killed" in training.

On January 14th I broke a rib during training for my 1st MMA fight...in addition to the 

broken rib I also "dislocated" it AKA rib head subluxation.

Well today was my appt to put that wily little character back in place.

Turns out I had 2 count em 2 ribs that decided to go allwilly nilly on me haha.

I am glad to report that they are back where they should be, but I

was told to lay off upper body exercise for a while so I can heal properly.  

Now that I am back to the rebellion after a hiatus I have changed classes to become

an adventurer...it seemed right since I love weight lifting and martial arts and couldn't

choose either warrior or monk  :nevreness:

Thanks for reading, cant wait to continue my adventure and post here about it!!! :peaceful:

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