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Hey rebels!


I'm Talos - I've been a member of the Rebellion for . . . a long time, actually (since 2012 or before, maybe?), but I've barely dipped my toe into the community until now. But the stars have aligned, so to speak, and I think this would be a great time to get to know everyone. 


I'm still not fully committed to a guild; I used to focus heavily on Assassin techniques - training parkour skills, bodyweight exercise, the like - but in the last couple years I discovered a bit of an affinity for the Scout life in my endurance running workouts (I have my first-ever half marathon coming up!), and my newest project is trying out regular free weight training for the first time. Consider me open to recruiting!


My main goal right now: Get consistent. 


I'm in pretty good health at the moment, but I'm sort of a jack of all trades, master of none, mainly because I've sucked at sticking to a regular plan for most of my workouts. Right now I want to start by getting myself ready for my half marathon in two months, with my experimental weight training where it fits. After that, who knows?


Last, but never least, I'm what you might call an amateur alchemist: Cooking has always been my first love - especially when curries are involved. Mmmm, curry.


I hope to get to know a bunch of you soon!

(Fun fact: my name originally came from the story of the Cretan automaton in Greek mythology, not The Elder Scrolls games... but The Elder Scrolls is wonderful.)
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Mmm, curry.  Yes indeed.


WELCOME!!  You'll find no better community to help you create your own consistency and habits!


I'm an Assassin that practices primal mobility and lifts barbells, so you can definitely fit wherever you feel comfortable. :)

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(Fun fact: my name originally came from the story of the Cretan automaton in Greek mythology, not The Elder Scrolls games... but The Elder Scrolls is wonderful.)



I was wondering! I have a great appreciation for Greek Mythos, but I played Skyrim recently enough and hung out in Whiterun recently enough that the cry of your name has been burned into my memory, along with many games re-loaded because I snapped and stabbed the guy saying it repeatedly. 


I'm sure you've heard this before.


Consistency is a GREAT goal! Have fun and don't be afraid to fail!


- WW

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