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Xevon! (Or: the story of the lost message)

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Hi! Wrote a massive introduction a few minutes ago but it got lost in a crash of the website or i don't know.

HI! I'm Pierfrancesco: 25 years old; Italian, sorry for not speaking english well enough, but i hopw you'll understand; i work part time as a surveyor in my dad's office and i started this year studying Energy engineering, overweight and lazy.

So, to sum it up, 6 years ago i lost 30 kg ( about 65 pounds, i believe), started studying, started running, started writing novels and all sorts of things, then i lost it. I gained 30 kilos, stopped studying, and so on...

Now i'm here, far too lazy to accomplish all the things i want in my life.

I love walking, I like sports, i love writing short stories and lyrics, o like studying and don't hate my work. But i don't do anything good enough because i'm constantly distracted. And i sleep too much.

I hope i can get out of this situation.

Last year i used to walk every other sunday for 35 kilometers to the sea and back. Now i spend my sundays sleeping.

This Autumn I used to get drunk all the week ends. Now i want to quit drinking. I started going out and wwaste money and time less, but i'm not productive the time i stay home. I mostly sleep and that is really embarassing.

I hope you can help me, i'm willing to commit 100% (:

This is my story, it's really nice to meet you.

byebye :onthego:

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Hello and welcome! I'm brand new myself and am just learning my way around here :)


Why not start slow by doing what you love? (like walking) 

Read some archived NF articles, they are also inspiring and helpful.

What I have learned for myself is once I start something, and get going, it helps my momentum and then I gradually do more and more sometimes without even realizing it.


Whatever your goals, this seems like a good place for support and I wish you luck!

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Level 2 Rebel Adventurer New to the Rebellion looking for friends and joining challenges


Questing (aka getting shit done)

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