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What... Midnightdiamond is evolving

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....or at least heading in the right direction to.

Hi everyone, I'm midnightdiamond and I'm 30yrs old from Scotland.

My life before finding out about this website and reading the level up your life book was not a good one. I suffered depression at a young age and turned me into a shadow of myself, losing all motivation for life, and binge eating without any physical exercise to counteract it. After many years I have managed to control the depression and binge eating, but now have to deal with what that left behind. Heading towards my thirties made me realise that I couldn't live my life doing nothing about it and that enough was enough.

After doing a quick search on the interwebs I came across two paths in the crossroads that I thought would help me start out of my epic task - the nerdist way and level up your life. As much as the nerdist way was a good read, the level up your life called out to me more so decided to venture down that route into the beyond.

So here we are my level 1 noobness ready to leave my starting village and head out into the tall grass to see what I come across.

Still to decide what guild to join (debating between Druids to help with quieting my mind, and adventures to start living my life) but any advice that you guys are able to give I will greatly appreciate :)

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