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Freudianweapon's first 4 week challenge


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Ok, this is the first time I'm trying a 4 week challenge here, so please feel free to let me know if I might be doing anything wrong.


Diet Goals:

My eating habits are pretty solid during the week because of work. I get up, eat breakfast, have my lunch already made the night prior, and I make a chicken salad for dinner that night after the gym. It's the weekends I have to worry about. I tend to sleep in a little on the weekends, way past the time I usually eat breakfast during the week (6 AM). so my diet goals will be:


  • Make breakfast in the morning (8-9 AM) and lunch around noon (12-1 PM) on the weekends. and if I have to eat out for some reason (most likely for someone's birthday dinner), always get a salad.
  • Have leafy greens (lettuce, kale, and/or spinach) with every meal.

Fitness goals:

  • Do the stronglifts 5x5 workout three times a week


level-up-your-life goals:

  • 10 minutes of daily meditation



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Challenge log

Update #1!

Monday (2/1/16) went pretty well met all my daily quests.

Started with 10 minutes of meditation first thing in the morning when I wake up. I used to think meditation was about kind of tuning out the rest of the world, literally. Trying to tune out everything proved problematic because my ears would pick up on every little sound in the quiet morning, and the walls in my house aren't really soundproof. Luckily, I use the headspace app so it was a little easier knowing I had something to guide me through it. Off to a bit of a shakey start, but I'm sure if I keep at it I'm sure to improve.

Having greens with every meal was probably the easiest of my quests. I already eat somewhat healthy, but there's definitely room for improvement. I don't know if I should describe my diet in excruciating detail, but for the curious here it is:

Breakfast (6 am):

•2 eggs & 1/2 cup egg whites with spinach, seasoned with cayenne pepper



•cup of green tea, or if I'm feeling tired I have some coffee with a little coconut oil.

Mid-morning snack (8-9 am):

•Quest bar (s'mores)

Lunch (11-12 pm):

•tuna (in water, no salt) mixed with a pepper jelly from Trader Joe's on multigrain bread with romaine lettuce

•cottage cheese

Afternoon snack (3-4 pm):


•fish oil

Post-workout (5-6 pm):

•2 scoops protein powder

•1 scoop bcaa's & glutamine

•clif bar

Dinner (6-7 pm):

•grilled chicken with romaine lettuce, spinach & kale, with some hot sauce (what can say? I like spicy food)

I even made it to the gym for a workout. I started with workout A of the stronglifts 5x5 workout, with squats, bench press and bent-over rows. I also added 3 sets of skull crushers and 3 sets of planks at the end.

I was honestly surprised how much I was able to squat. I had 45 lbs. plate on each side, which probably isn't much compared to others, but I felt pretty accomplished about it. I did the same amount of weight for my bench and the rows as well, which was challenging, but I feel it's a pretty good starting point. The skull crushers I did 3 sets of 5 with 25 lbs. dumbbells. The planks started with 30 secs and increased the time by 15 secs. Each set until I got to a full minute. Overall I was pretty pleased with my work out for today.

Now normally most people split their workout days between Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My gym, however, closes early on Fridays and is closed pretty much all day on Saturdays. So I've decided to split my routine between Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. This 4 week challenge however did not start until February 1st, a Monday. So for this week only, I think I might put two days in between instead of one. Since I'll be lifting heavy with each workout I figured it would be bad to do it two days in a row with no rest day. So that's monday (2/1), thursday (2/4), and sunday (2/6).

Is any of this a bad idea? If anyone thinks so, your feedback would be much appreciated!

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(Typed this last night, forgot to post it!)

Update Numero Dos! (#2)

So the remainder of the work week went rather well as far the quests go. Managed to meditate for ten minutes every morning before I got ready for work, even today! I actually surprised myself with that, despite I'm probably still not that great at it (practice makes perfect I suppose) I'm still able to keep at it even though there's a part of me that feels like I'm not doing it right. what I found to be helpful is that every night before I go to bed I set up the yoga mat right in the middle of my room. So that when I wake up in the morning, it's right there! Beneath my feet! I literally have no excuse to NOT do it right then and there! Even though I do meditate in the mornings, I do find myself still getting anxious and aggravated. I guess that's normal for anyone, right? I try to take a few deep breathes and move on.

Diet has been pretty steady too! I managed to get up this morning and make myself breakfast. Three eggs this time, with the egg whites and spinach! And lunch too! Dinner has not happened as of yet but I think I might take this night to use as a cheat meal, because I've been pretty good this week and I'm thinking I could use a little reward!

I've only been to the gym once since the last update but I do plan on going tomorrow morning to crush another workout! After tomorrow my workouts will be split three days (sun, tues, thurs) with a rest day in between. I've been leaving the gym more accomplished the last few times I went. Which is great because it makes me look forward to doing it again next time, same with the meditation! I guess what Steve said in his book is true, the progress principle DOES work!

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