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Incipient Order of Taggers - Let's Hack the Tag System for Good

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Bards, Paladins, Innkeepers, Clerics, Healers (and more?) of All Guilds...


TAG! You're IT!


A tag matching system to help nerds

find other nerds of the same role-play occupation...



Our primary objective for this round is to encourage others to apply the tags we developed last challenge, by spreading the word and teaching others how to apply the tags to their challenge threads.


To Dos for Challenge #2 of 2016:

1) Create a short guide for how to apply tags to your challenge

2) Develop a message template with links back to the tagging guides and spread word on all guild general chat forums and to individuals across the boards

3) Refine the tag categories and names from last time, with feedback from users




In which we continue the work we began last challenge:


With the new changes on Nerd Fitness, the old questions of "Why don't we have a Bard's guild?" or "How can I best find other nerds with the same 'class/occupation/interests'?" have surfaced again.


After reading people's ideas on the CHALLENGE AND CLASS CHANGES AND UPDATES thread, I realized we don't need any new features or additional guilds. We have the necessary tool already at hand!


All it will take is for a few good nerds to band together and teach people to hack the existing tag system to good advantage. The beauty of this approach (beyond the fact that it means no extra work for the hard-working NF admins and site team!) is that it is totally configurable, readily available, and should be able to adapt to any of the new features and changes that will appear on Nerd Fitness in the coming months. 


Are you with me?


What I'd like to do is start a sort of "meta-accountability group" team that would help connect nerds that want to play "tag" to be more accountable to each other. What I see this group doing is to make up a list of suggested tags, and then fanning out across the forums to let people know that there is a way to connect with others of similar interests, whatever their guild affiliations may (or may not) be.


This approach to tagging can work independently of the guilds, as the occupations that are most mentioned/requested cross guild lines, much like most of the regular accountability groups. And I believe that once a little coordination is in place, it could encourage "tag" groups to form their own accountability groups as well, thus strengthening the entire system.


My hope is that this method will help people feel more at home in their guilds, appreciating the camaraderie and help system already there, and also fulfill the concurrent need to connect with others of similar interests across guild lines. 



Who wants to play "TAG"?


You can sign up to be a guild-focused flagger and/or an occupation-focused tagger. Both roles are needed, but have slightly different responsibilities. Everything below is really just a simple perception shift from "class" or guild-based thinking, to "occupation" based thinking. 


Guild Flaggers are nerds who know one guild well and have connections to many individuals within it. They work within their existing guild to let those they see looking for like-minded people know that there is a way to connect with people of similar "occupation" outside of or across guilds. This can be done via challenge threads, posts in guild chat threads, or PMs, by providing links to the tag spreadsheet we will create as part of this group and by providing instructions on how to tag a topic post. 


Occupation Taggers are people who know quite a few people in more than one guild and most likely have connections to a number of individuals with similar interests, regardless of their guild affiliation. They work with anyone they see looking for like-minded people and let them know that there is a way to connect with people of similar "occupation" whatever their guild affiliation. This can be done via challenge threads, posts in interest-related forums (general forums, accountability groups, PVPs, battle logs, etc.), or PMs, by providing links to the tag spreadsheet we will create as part of this group and by providing instructions on how to tag a topic post.


As a "meta-accountability group," I expect most people interested in doing this will be rebels of some experience who find that giving something back to the NF community is fulfilling and helpful to their own challenges. That said, you don't have to many challenges behind you or know a lot of people to do this. The only pre-requisite is to be willing to reach out when you see the opportunity.










Introduce yourself below and let me know if you want to be a tagger or a flagger.

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Master Tag List

(A Work in Progress)

The beginner, novice, seeker, new recruit - Paladin's squire, kitchen maid at the inn, sorceror's apprentice, or bardic initiate - this occupation is meant to connect those who are new to the Rebellion and/or new to a particular occupation.

Used alone, this tag alerts fellow rebels to keep an eye out for you and lend a helping hand when needed. 

Used in conjunction with a guild tag, it let's guild leaders/ambassadors/members know of your interest. and/or others of your chosen occupation know that you are looking to connect.

Used in conjunction with an occupation tag, it let's others of your chosen occupation know that you are looking to learn and connect.


This is the tag for all of those who make beautiful and useful things that delight the senses. Blacksmiths to florists, painters to carpenters, knitters to potters, anyone who works with their hands and hearts to create finds a home here. The artisan tag connects artists and craftspeople of all types in their common pursuit to make the world a more pleasing, productive, and comfortable place. 


Keepers of the lore of the Rebellion, tellers of the tales of valor, singers of great deeds - bards are the memory and tenders of culture in the Rebellion. Whether musician, singer, orator, writer, they inspire and motivate their fellow rebels to feats of awesomeness and encourage persistence in the quest to attain epic goals. While there is some overlap with the occupation of Magician, Bards emphasize the cultural and entertainment aspects of their pursuits.

The tag of "Bard" would be used by someone who identifies as an orator, singer, poet, storyteller, skald, musician, writer, or other similar title or occupation. Bards use any number of ways to deliver their message, and are not averse to body movement, humor or sleight of hand in their quest to entertain and inform. Circus arts performers, dancers, and jesters also find a home here.


This is the occupational tag for all those who draw on the spiritual, the unseen, the mystic, or the interior. Whether the focus is on gaining individual enlightenment as in the case of many monks, nuns and mystics, or on elevating the collective as in the case of chaplains, ministers, and spiritual counselors, this occupation is about bringing hope and faith in the unseen realm into daily life, whatever the outer label. 


Older members of the Rebellion - whether in age and/or time served - bring a unique and valuable perspective to living epic quests and the pursuit of fitness. They also have somewhat different needs than younger rebels and benefit from learning from others in their age group. Gather around in the circle of elders for sage advice, wit and wisdom, and old fart jokes.

The tag of "Elder" would be used by someone who identifies as middle-aged+, sage, wise man, wise woman, crone, curmudgeon, old fart, or other similar title or occupation. 


Armed combatant or open-hand Tai Chi master, fighters run the gamut from wild barbarians to paladins and everything in between. While their alignments and goals may vary widely, they share a common bond of using force to achieve their ends. They hit hard and they endure. While their weapons may appear to be any number of types of blades, bows and arrows, pole arms or even their bare hands, their real weapons are their will and courage. From paladins to mercenaries, shield maidens to barbarians, ninjas to valkyries, the brave and the stalwart call this tag their own.




Masters of melee combat and the savage wilderness, Barbarians come in a variety of forms across a broad spectrum of fantasy tropes. Whether a wild orc, Viking raider, or barbarian wanderer, these are the brutes who spurn the trappings of civilization to embrace the primal elements of nature and the purifying effects of weapon mastery, heavy lifting, or more primitive approaches to fitness. The tag of "Barbarian" would be used by someone who identifies as a berserker, raider, Viking, other similar title or occupation.



Paladins are unbending champions of justice and virtue, they are often the more martial-minded of the Holy-oriented classes. They are quick to defend and uphold the helpless or meek, tireless in their duties to inspire others through their presence and actions, and always prepared to meet any challenge along the way with a steady hand, able body, and compassionate mind. Do not mistake their compassion for weakness though, for Paladins are mighty when roused and dreadful in their reckoning.


Special Operations

Any Fighter occupation requiring unique modes of employment, secrecy, unusual tactics or extreme environments - spies, special forces, ninjas, assassins, infiltrators, or rogues. At root, all of these require one to train and utilize fighter type skills or abilities, but within unique strategic, tactical or environmental constraints.


Whether a Druid energy worker, a Ranger wilderness medic, or anything in between, healers give their talents to the well-being of their fellow rebels and pursue knowledge of how to give aid and comfort. Enter into the circle of healers to learn the wisdom of herbs, the application of various and sundry remedies, and how to improve your bedside manner.

The tag of "Healer" would be used by someone who identifies as a practitioner of any of a number of physical, mental or spiritual healing arts and/or therapies, from herbalist to midwife, field medic to energy worker, doctors, nurses, or any other similar title or occupation. 


Those who choose the tag of Innkeeper are dedicated to hospitality and gracious living. The specific expression of that dedication can range from practitioners of the culinary arts and interior designers to janitors, maids and gardeners. Anyone who seeks to make their home a more inviting place, entertain guests, or improve the state of their property and possessions will find fellowship here.


They might be studious wizards, passionate sorcerers or wise shamans, but magicians wield powers that allow them to reshape the very fabric of reality and bend it to their will. It takes a scholarly bent, and tremendous effort and discipline to master such powers and control their use, so although widely varying in their method of approach, all magicians possess unbreakable willpower and iron discipline. They might study ancient tomes, meditate to harness the power within or pray to the spirits, but they do so with absolute conviction.

Students, teachers, knowledge workers, professionals such as lawyers and many others might choose this tag to signify their quest for knowledge, skill, and mastery.




This is the occupation tag for those who study long hours into the night in a solitary quest for knowledge. Whether the knowledge she seeks is mundane or arcane, the Scholar expends effort and discipline towards the life of the mind. Imagination, intuition, will, perseverance  - all are powers the Scholar seeks to develop. This is also the tag for those whose occupation is as an instructor or teacher, where the Scholar shares his hard-won knowledge and wisdom with others.



This is the occupation tag for those who are drawn to the magic of technology. You may code, fly drones, make robots, or bounce radio signals off the moon, but whatever your techno interest, you harness unseen forces and bend them to your will via skill, and the application of arcane knowledge that appears to be sorcery to the uninitiated.

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this is q brilliant idea, I will be stealing some tag ideas for my own topic!


Definitely tag your thread and spread the word. The more people that tag their threads, the more useful the tag hack will be to help people find others with the same interests outside and across their guilds.

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I'm a little busy to spread word of this, but still tagged my thread!


I saw your tags - Well done!


I'm aiming to get a guide posted and a sample message that will make it as easy as cut and paste. Tonight, maybe, or tomorrow.

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I tagged my topic, I was unfortunately off the forums quite a bit due to illness, but now that I am getting healthier again, you can count on me to spread the word for all my stay at NerdFitness. :)

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How about Demon Slayer for those of us struggling with mental illness?

Great idea


I keep debating about a "jedi" tag.  To me, it seems like a specialized paladin, but we have quite a few people using Star Wars for inspiration.  

I think it's more of a thematic tag

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Can we get some kind of gardening/farming/homesteading type tag?


It's not my profession, just a hobby. But I know of a few warriors and others who are into this kind of thing and mention it in their challenges but it is not fitness related. I think we could benefit from being able to find each other through tags. 


This could be a subset under Innskeeper. 


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