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Aran's first Assassin challenge!


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ALRIGHTY! I made it! I get to be an Assassin this time around! For Great Justice!


Now, I haven't figured out how to do all that fancy-shmancy themed gif insertations and colory doodads y'all long time members do, but I DO know how to kick some goals in the teeth. Below are said goals which will be teethkicked.



1. No sugary bits! 


This basically means that I'm cutting out some of the high-sugar things I usually eat/drink, such as honey, coffee creamer, and perhaps an apple here and there. I eat plenty of carbs with all the veggies I've gotten used to eating; I'm just trying to cut back on some of the simple carbs. I'm not giving myself credit for the starting day, because I came up with this idea in the afternoon, and had already eaten aforementioned sugary bits. Just started and already at 0 percent! Wheee! The honey/creamer cut is also going to be my Lent fast this year, so I have spiritual impetus to maintain this one!


2. Hero's Journey Workout.


This is hosted by the peoplez at Darebee. Daily bodyweight workout routine. I'm going to push for level 2 every day, but I'm going to keep it cool; if I know I can't do it, I'm not going to hurt myself. Just doing level 1 on everything is fine with me, as it's still a great workout.


3. Sticking with the veggies!


This one is just to make sure I get a good serving of veggies every day. I've been doing great on this since the last challenge, and I don't want to stop. But I feel like I'd slack off if I gave myself room to, so I'm shoring up my slackitude borders and setting the same goal this time around.


4. Translate, analyze, and comment on the entire book of Colossians.


This one is my Level Up My Life quest. Last challenge I read for an hour a week, and that just wasn't specific enough. I read theology, yes, but I want to actually get my hands dirty this time. So I'm going to translate the whole book from the Greek, play with the syntax where applicable, and check out several commentaries on the book as I go along. By the time I'm done, I want to have some good material to teach from should the need arise.


That's it! Forward, Nerds!

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