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In Pursuit of...Macros


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Well that last challenge blew by!



Not that I managed to log on much towards the end...but I did keep up with my tracking!


This challenge will be much more stable!

  • No moves
  • No trips (planned yet!)


I loved my main challenge (track things) last month, so I'm keeping it. 

This time, I'm adding on to that main challenge: 

Not only will I continue tracking my food...but I will track to Marco goals!

Last time the intention was just to get in the habit. I made it to a 25 day streak in myfitnesspal :)





GOAL 1: Hit the Macros

I have a spreadsheet started for that with some nice formatting to make good/bad days stand out. :)



Marcos I care most about:

  • Carbs (total): 50 or less daily
  • Carbs (net): 25 or less daily 
  • Calories: 1300 - 1400 (WEEKLY AVERAGE.)

(I don't care if calories aren't a nutrient. Macro means "big things that are trackable" in this usage to me)




The other two big hitters:

  • Protein: 80-100g
  • Fat: around 100g



Keeping these in check should result in weightloss :)

I've been sticking to those, mostly, for the last couple weeks. I've been exhausted, but that could be a variety of factors. 


I am down 10lbs in January, so that's a start!




Goal 2: Don't watch much Netflix

Thats what I've done when I got home nearly every day...so many better things I could be doing!

Actual Goal? Read and study too. 





Goal 3: Have Fun

I want to make fun a priority! Not just going drinking with coworkers either...


Is: Meeting new people, going to the city, going for walks. Learning to maintain my bike, sleeping in sometimes, planning trips...fun!

Is NOT: Working on weekends, or more than 55 hours a week.


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Inch Loss Goals 2016: 20 Total Inches (Hips, Waist, L Bicep, L Thigh): 




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