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AlexCold's Epic Quest for Badassitude: Back to WORK - Part Duex: Back Again.....with a Vengeance.....


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Holy long thread title Batman....


oh wait,



Last challenge ended in the classic, do too much at the same time and fail thing.





So instead, I've automated some of my plan. 


RP Auto-Templates.


These basically tell me how much to eat and when. And when the weight stops dropping, then you click the next tab over that reduces the calories. There isn't any calorie counting necessary as long as I follow the prescribed strategy. 


So far their supplied maintenance plan has worked (kept the same amount of weight but dropped 2" around the belly). This challenge will begin with the next tab over, CUT 1.


The templates are also split into workout intensities: No workout, light, moderate, intense.




Layne Norton's PH3 on Bodybuilding.com


This program is more for muscle building but I'm wondering if I can still get some more strength gains while still dropping my body fat. So far, I haven't dropped any strength and the workouts fit within my time available. I have to workout early in the morning (4 am) which sucks it means that I can still mentor my robotics team and spend time with the family in the evening. At some point I have to do homework too.


Regardless, I'm done with week 1 while eating at maintenance, and now starting week 2 at a deficit. Good luck me.





Sleep is important for everything. The goal is to get to bed 8-9pm and wake up at the appropriate time, typically 4 am on work days.



Hopefully all these things end up with me being lighter and stronger while still being sane..







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