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In Which Eilyd Thinks She Can


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1. NF Yoga 4x/week


2. Walk 3x/week


3. Fruit or veggies with every meal and only one sugary thing per day


4. Respond to baby-based frustration by counting to 10 and breathing. (Not as quantifiable as most goals, but I need to do this.)


Adorable baby tax:



I got started well last challenge. Now I think I can be a bit more dedicated and challenge myself. (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!)

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Keep up the momentum!

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"You don't get stronger by skipping workouts." - me, to myself, about 3 times a week

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Keep up the momentum!

I really appreciate this new format - 4 weeks on with only a weekend between keeps me from mentally checking out.


Yoga - 1/4. Not NF, just did some sun salutations in the morning before work.

Walk - 3/3. Walked a half mile each way to and from my car on Monday and Tuesday (first days back at work!) and .8 miles around the neighborhood today.

Food - 3/3 on veggies (except for meals that I didn't eat, and well, that's another problem). 1/3 on sweet things.


I've been indulging my sweet tooth too readily since the baby was born and now it's a hard habit to break. I found myself trying to justify that this scone didn't count as a sweet thing, because I picked it for its goes-with-tea quality rather than its sweetness, but that's basically bs and I know it.

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It really is the worst. I am constantly fighting my own Sugar Dragon. It's recently left a trail of empty Nilla Wafers and Animal Crackers packages in its emotion-numbing wake. What's been helping me is to make tea. Lots and lots of tea. There's still sugar, but it feels less destructive to my diet, and less mindless, too. 


It's good that you know this, even tho it's a sucky thing to know. Perhaps this could become a focus for the next challenge, or a personal goal to work on? During one of my first challenges, I struggled limiting my sugar (not even regular carbs, just sugar) to less than 100g a day. It was hard, for a while.


It's a new week. Are there any places you felt the most struggle, and would like help? 

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Ok, I might have forgotten to post things, but I still did my goals! I don't remember exact numbers, but overall grades:


1 & 2: I didn't necessarily do 3 yogas or 4 walks per week, but I *did* do yoga or walk almost every day! I am very pleased with this. Calling it A-

3: A+ at eating fruits and veggies, somewhat less successful with sugar. Averages out to a B+.

4. A! I still got frustrated, but it helped to have a mechanic in place to interrupt my spiral of frustration. Even when I wanted to scream, I felt less helpless or out of control, because I knew that I was exercising my self-control (even when it wasn't working very well).


I've also gotten pretty good at going to bed before 11 and getting up between 6 and 7, which is making it much easier to get back to work. Next challenge: squats and sugar!

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