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I haven't been this sick in decades...

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Hey gang,



So... I've been making changes in what I thought was a slow and steady pace, but over this weekend, I got hit with this crazy fever/cough/cold combination that left my whole body pounding and as sensitive as a migraine. The congestion was so bad that I literally felt like I was going to drown in my own lungs and that mortifying loud death rattle sound on every exhale really scared me!


... am I ... going though "stuff face with bad stuff" withdrawals?


I took a bunch of cough and cold meds and slept on my tummy with a towel under my cheek so I wouldn't drown in my own ick... and after 2 days of straight sleep, was able to take a shower, get on the bus and get to work... but I was seriously scared.


If it's not withdrawals, is it because I'm causing too many changes to quickly and the stress is affecting my immune system?



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Maybe the stress of changing your lifestyle is affecting your immune system.  Maybe some other stress is affecting it.  Or maybe there's just a REALLY BAD virus going around; my daughter had something similar a couple weeks ago (minus the death rattle).


I will say that "Two days of straight sleep" was a GREAT idea.  Seriously, sleeping is the best.  Do more of that! :D  And good job tracking your symptoms; if things get worse, you'll have a record of how the whole disease process is going down.

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That sounds like one of those things you might want to visit a doctor for :/ 

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That sounds similar to symptoms I have seen lately in our hospital, our department staff and my wife's co-workers too. Late last fall, I felt lousy for a while with terrible head congestion and mild fever. I figured it was a sinus infection and did not worry about it. One day I felt extra bad and went to work anyway. I started wheezing and thought to myself that I have never wheezed before in my life. I told my supervisor I was going to talk to a doc and go home if they could find a replacement for me. We were short a few full time positions at the time, so I had already worked 7 12hr days with 4 more scheduled. It is safe to say the stress weakened my immune system for whatever opportunistic bug was waiting.

I ended up taking a breathing treatment and getting some prescriptions called in by a doc. Musinex and OTC meds didn't cut it, so I got some of the Robitussin with Codeine and a round of antibiotics. You would probably need a prescription for the codeine, but it does suppress the cough to help get good sleep.

It was some type of upper respiratory infection, but we never cultured it. I stayed in bed for 3 days and took 4 off work. It took over a month before I felt back to normal. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I go all out. It had been 4 or 5 years since I had been sick,this was one of the worst illnesses I have had in recent memory.

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A change in diet does not cause people to suddenly come down with a severe respiratory illness.  You just caught something.


If you're not a lot better now, go to the doctor.

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If a change in diet is one of many changes, which adds to the accumulated stress both mental and physical (which has a direct effect on ones immune system), then yes, a change of diet can indeed allow my immune system to be temporarily wonky and open me up to the current living hell I'm in.


In addition, toxic food is toxic, but when your body has adjusted to it, like any addict, the lack of the substance my body has come to accept as the norm does have a mental and physical effect, similar to someone unable to get their fix. It's not a leap of logic.


I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced withdrawal symptoms when you've changed your diet for the better and how long it's lasted. If you're someone who has never experienced these symptoms, either in fitness or any other aspect of your life, consider yourself fortunate, but please leave the dismissing attitude at the door. Thanks~

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I don't think anyone is disagreeing that stress, including stress from positive changes and events, will weaken the immune system. However, the symptoms you describe sound like an illness, not the expected headaches and fatigue that comes with sugar and caffeine withdraw.

This is not a dismissing attitude, but encouragement to seek the opinion of a medical professional. Congestion that you describe can easily develop into pneumonia if it not treated. One pneumonia sets in, it can lead to respiratory failure and a very serious system wide infection that is difficult to manage.

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