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The New Adventures of JulietKitsch

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We open on our hero, JulietKitsch, battling a voracious horde of demons. She has fought such creatures before - but now, her life depends on it...





About Me: 

Very tall, very plus size. I have had (moderate) success in weight loss before, but nothing has ever stuck. I'm dangerously close to hitting a new high weight, which would put me at 200 pounds to lose. That's pretty scary to me. I just celebrated my 29th birthday, and I'm about to cross into a threshold where the weight will be even more difficult to lose. The time is now.


Strengths: Funny, smart, dedicated to everything but her health, caring. Good dancer. 

Weaknesses: Fast food. Fast food. Um, fast food.





Challenge #1 - Getting Started   2/9 - 2-28

Level One Rebel  

STR 0 :: DEX 0 :: STA 0 :: CON 2 :: WIS 0 :: CHA 0


Main Quest: I want to be a mother. Right now, I am not in a place financially or health-wise to do so.

I will be a single parent, so I need to be financially secure before caring for a child. 


Main Financial Goals:

1) Live in a 2 bedroom condo or apartment

2) Have $10,000 in liquid savings

3) Be credit card debt free 


Main Health Goals:

1) Run a 5k 

2) Lose 100 pounds

3) Break my fast food habit (3 months fast food free)


Main Life Goals:

1) Keep my apartment clean (3 months straight)

2) Achieve tenure at a teaching job

3) Become a foster parent (probably providing respite / short term homes)

4) Be ready to have a child (pregnancy or adoption)





Challenge Goals:

I am starting simple, especially since this is such a short challenge AND I'm joining late.


Me: I'm the type of person who has trouble organizing myself and making healthy choices.


+1 CON 30 XP :: Financial Goal:  I will eat lunch at school (school: salad bar or turkey sandwich, or bring from home) in order to save money and eat healthier.


+1 STR  50 XP :: Health Goal:    I will work out at least 1x a week in order to improve my strength and develop a healthy routine.


+1 CHA 20 XP :: Life Goal:         I will spend 5 minutes organizing my desk area every day in order to create more organization at work.


+1 STA 20 XP :: Health Goal:     When I walk the dogs, I will walk them down to end of the road and back in order to increase my steps and health.


+ 1 WIS / 50 XP:: Lent:               By the end of this challenge, I will have achieved 7 consecutive days of no fast food.

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I am also fighting against my love for Fast Food this month and in addition to the health benefits, I really appreciate the extra money.  As a teacher, I can agree that is is so important to eat during the day.  I used to work through lunch and then on the way home I would always make the worst food choices.  Now, I have gotten in to the habit of making lunch and I feel so much better in the afternoon.


Good Luck to you!

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Day One Update 2/9/2016-

Financial Goals - Ugh, not so great. I spent more money than I needed to. No school, so I couldn't flex that muscle yet!

Health Goals - Haven't exercised yet, but I did set up my Nerdfitness Academy account and picked my plans, so I call it a win!

Life Goals - No school, so I didn't organize my desk at school!


Lent begins today (Wednesday) - so my challenge of avoiding fast food now begins!

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Good luck with your goals! It seems like we have a lot in common. I'm 29 and a teacher too and I have about 175 pound to lose. It's a huge undertaking! But it's one that can be accomplished. I'll be following along. : )

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Time for a check in!


Financial Goals: Why yes, I DID eat lunch at school every day since starting the challenge. Did I make the healthiest decisions? Noo... But I did spend 3.25 on lunch instead of the 8 or 9 I would have blown at a fast food joint.

Health Goals: No progress yet - I have been hit hard by an achey bug AND had a very "stand and walk around all day" week of teaching. I know I'm making excuses, but my body is exhausted.

Life Goals: This has been going great! My desk is still in really good shape! Woo!

Lent Goal: Okay... not so great. I had fast food yesterday, so I'm starting over at Day One. I have been making strides. In the morning, I stop at Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. Usually, I get a breakfast sandwich (or 2 to save one for lunch). I haven't done that since starting this challlenge! Woo! However, despite eating lunch at school, I'm still super tempted to stop at one of the dozen fast food places on my way home. This is going to be very tough for me.

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It might help to find a different route home. That way you're removing the temptation.

I totally understand the stand around and walk all day feeling. It can be your lunch hour before you realise that you haven't even sat down yet. Those are very busy days!

Keep it up! Sounds like you're doing well!

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