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failing means yer playin'


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I've started more times than I care to count.  Last time I failed so miserably, that I gave up and stopped logging onto this site all together for about a month.  I came upon this phrase "failing means yer playin'".  As you probably figured, it means that it's better to be doing badly than to not be taking part at all.  OK.  This is a valid point.  So here I am, playing again.  I intend not to fail again, however!


Of course I am coming in a week into the 4 week challenge (I hope this is OK).


Main Goals:


1 – Walk at break at least 4 days per weekday


2 – Do cardio at least 3 times per week and strength at least three times per week.


3 – Create, get into, and stay in the habit of logging every meal, and by the end of this challenge I will be drinking 2 liters of water a day; I'm not sure that's quite enough, but if I make the goal TOO lofty I'll be setting myself up for defeat again.




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Welcome back to the fight, ScarletFyre! I've also failed more times than I care to remember, so I get where you're coming from. I'm really determined this time around that I'm going to stick with this stuff and create life-long changes and habits. And even though I don't do perfect with my goals, it helps to at least have something to aim for--it's a step in the right direction, even if that step isn't as big or as fast as you'd like!

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Thanks!  Its (as you probably know) frustrating, but also at least going into it again, we do go in with new lessons learned so I guess its not a total start over! :)

I am the same – I am DETERMINED for it to stick this time!  I think the first thing in achieving that is not to be so hard on ourselves…I find I fail at maybe one goal I set, then get mad, give up.  I think an important goal is learning to recover from our little failures – because we’ll all have them!  That’s why when I found the saying “failing means yer playin’†I decided to put that as my title – to remind myself! J

We can do it!!!

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I'm in the exact same boat. I just recently started logging into this site again.  I think your goals are great.  Something to strive for.  I do agree that your water isn't enough, but like you said, if you set your goals too high, it'll be more difficult to achieve them and that can kill your motivation.  Just make sure you continue to raise your goals. :) Good luck, and welcome back!

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Well, I've been logging pretty well - Having trouble getting to the gym in the AM, which I really want to be able to get in the habit of doing!  I'll get there!  Walking at break unless the temps are dangerously cold, which was Friday, but isn't too often.  Drinking more water, but not enough, yet.  So making slow progress :)

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Sorry to hear about the pre-diabetes, always good to know about things early though so you can change them! 


Does the gym work well for you? I joined one a few years ago, but I just didn't have the motivation to go if it was bad weather or great weather or too early or too late... Classes were the only way I really do something regularly. Something about not letting other people down or feeling bad if I didn't show up when I was expected to be there and had told other people I was taking the class. I need extra accountability because I'll frequently bail if I'm the only one who knows whether I do something or not.

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Snow owl - I totally just saw your post!  I am not sure why I don't see all of my notifications!  

Thanks!  It is good to know, because it is quite reversible!


The gym works great for me - I enjoy going which is a help!  I enjoy just working out and classes - my hope is to get my hiney out of bed in the AM to do gym workouts, then classes at night.  I do find i am less likely to bail if its a class and people figure i am going! :)


Unfortunately, I sprained/separated my shoulder so i am quite limited.  No Zumba, No Kickboxing....but i can at least go do the elliptical without the arm movement, and treadmill etc.


Going to join the next challenge i can and try again!!

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