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I haven't been active here in a year, but I want to change that. My last challenges with the Rebels and Adventurers focused on my lifelong battle with depression, which nearly ate me alive in 2014. Since then, I've achieved the goal of going back to work (a massively amazing thing that still astonishes me) and am more or less keeping the wolf at bay. 


I'm 44, and between medication changes and a too-sedentary lifestyle, I have gained weight, lost strength and am feeling older than I want to. Ultimately, I'd like to lose the 40 pounds that have crept up on me over the years, as well as get to the bottom of my 35-year battle with migraines. 


My main quest


I want to improve my overall health: improved strength, healthier weight, better nutrition.


My goals


1. I will start a manageable bodyweight training regimen, based on NerdFitness exercises, at least three times a week.


2. I will walk every day for at least 15 minutes.


3. I will be more aware of what I'm putting into my body, and work to eat healthier. This means less sugar and more lean meats and vegetables.


My life quest


I will reach out to at least one friend a week, to shake myself out of the isolation I've fallen into.


My motivation


I want to feel healthy and strong. 


Level 10 Ranger | Respawned
Challenges 1 2 3 4 5 6 | Peers: Chronologically Blessed
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