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delicious, healthy ice cream

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okay, so it's not technically ice cream. but it is the other two things.

http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/stay ... ent-093414

i recommend adding some walnuts and/or honey if you want more texture and sweetness. others have suggested chocolate and peanut butter or nutella, both of which are clearly delicious though maybe that's starting to push the boundaries of "healthy." :D just made it earlier this week and am enjoying the leftovers right now. perfect for summer.

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I've heard about this and keep meaning to try it! I just bought a bunch of bananas...I'll have to set a couple aside to overripen, then try this.

Another way to make delicious healthy vegan ice cream: young (AKA Thai) coconuts!

http://www.thenaughtyvegan.com/youngcoconut.htm <--also explains how to open them!

Basically, you'll drain the coconut water into a cup and set aside. Then once you have the coconut completely cracked open, scrape all the meat out with a spoon into a blender (the higher powered the blender the better). The meat of a young coconut is thin and very very soft (almost like a firm jello) and sweet, unlike an older coconut. Then blend the hell out of it...you'll need to add a little of the coconut water to get it to blend, but not much. Add a little agave nectar to sweeten if needed, and some vanilla extract (or natural flavoring of your choice) if you like. Now this mixture you actually have to put into an ice cream maker and follow the directions for that. Alternatively, you can make coconut custard by simply refridgerating the mixture. It's DELICIOUS!

Coconuts are higher in fat than bananas, but young coconuts are incredibly high in electrolytes and amino acids...google young coconuts and check it out.

I might also add both the coconut and banana ice creams are raw vegan! Raw living foods hold onto alot more nutrients than cooked or pasteurized ones, so that's an extra benefit. :)

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