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Hey there, hi there, ho there!


I'm looking for find my Jedi Council. I'm hoping to find people who can have done any of the following things to help me out and be helped out in return, hopefully.


  • Starting a small Business - I'm currently working on starting a small home business doing computer repair. Anyone with experience running a business would be great to talk to! Big bonus points if you did so in Canada so the rules and laws will be the same. I want to do this all on the up and up.
  • Weight loss - I've got weight to lose. I know how to do, I've done it before and even helped others do it, but then I got lazy, gained it back. Really just looking for other people to journey with
  • Computer Repair/IT - I know there are dedicated forums for this all over the web, but just someone to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck working on clients PC, or even just to vent to for stupid issues
  • Cool people to chat with?
  • Business Accounting - This might just go with the first one, but anyone that knows a lot about Business accounting in Canada.


If you have experience with any of these and feel like becoming my mentor, I would be forever grateful. Or if you feel I could be of any help to you in anything, just let me know (I've always wanted to be a Jedi master!!)


Y-Not (Tony)



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Sup Tony, 


I'm Jay.  I might not be someone that can be part of your Jedi council, but I'm up for being like a Jedi training partner or something for the weight loss part.  I too have had success losing weight, but I gained a lot of it back.  I'm looking to get back on track.  Maybe we can check in on each other once in a while and say, "Hey! Put that bavarian cream donut down!"


- Jay

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Well, I can fall into the cool people to chat with section at least (or at least I think I can LOL).

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