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Mixing rep counts?

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Hello NF hivemind!


I'm just looking for a few opinions on whether I am being foolish currently or just experimenting in a fairly sensible fashion.


I've bounced around different kinds of fitness over the last few years. For several years I was a decent marathon and ultra-marathon runner. Then I got into Crossfit, and from that, ended up doing some powerlifting...basically your typical 5 x 5 linear progression programme.


More recently, I got very busy at work and didn't do nearly as much....kept up a bit of lifting and running three times a week (minimal distances), but nothing else. I'm now trying to get back into things, but thought I would change things up a little and try 3 x 10 type training, along with maintaining my current level of running. My basic goals are to lose some body fat whilst maintaining muscle, and to look a bit better in the process.


Currently, I do three sessions a week in the gym, with 3 x 10 reps of:


Session A - Pull Ups (actually 3 x 5!) Front Squat, Standing Overhead Press, Deadlifts, Preacher Curls


Session B - Chin Ups, Back Squat, Bench Press, Dumbell Rows, Standing Barbell Curls


I also do three sessions of running a week, 5K a time.


This is all a long winded way of asking - is it sensible to look to change one of those weight sessions into a more traditional 5 x 5 'heavy' strength building workout? Or should I stick with 3 x 10? Or - is what I'm doing now bonkers, and should I start all over? :) Any thoughts appreciated....



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