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Scared? Yes. Doing it anyway? You bet.

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I'm Jessica. I'm 36, and I want to level up my life. Starting out as a Rebel seemed a good way to get going.


For my first quest, I have chosen:



1. Eat a vegetable with one meal each day.

2. Reduce fast-food consumption by 50%.



1. Walk or bike 5 minutes each day. 


Leveling Up:

1. 5 minutes of meditation (I call it prayer because of my personal beliefs) each day.


As for doing sh** that scares me, this is it.  Starting again when I've failed so many times at improving my diet and fitness is what scares me.  But getting old without being able to live well scares me more.  I don't quite know what I'm doing, but I guess I'll figure it out along the way.  Good luck to all of you fellow Rebels, and to me.

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Hey there Jessica!


The whole point of being here is to show you that you can do it, no matter how many times you considered as failures before, and if you need help we're here =] 


How's everything going?

First Quest! 5k Running (2014 not completed)

[Now] Do you wish to play again? (x) Yes ( ) No





 Worst Weight: 82Kg (180 lbs)

  Best  Weight: 71Kg (156 lbs)

Actual Weight: 77Kg (169 lbs)


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