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Destiny Island


Zone 1 (February 15 - 28) Core Objectives


Explore the Zone - Run 7 Miles







Keep the HP Up - Drink 56 Healing Potions (16 oz water bottles)







Get to the Healing Ports - Spend 104 Hours Relaxing in a Healing Port (Bed / Equivalent)






Kill the Heartless: Hit 1000 minions and 10 mini-bosses with my Keyblade

(Mini-Bosses are difficult responsible things to do, minions are words written on my work projects.)





How I Play


Every Challenge, I'm going to post a new topic, talking about the Zone that I'm in. 


Each Zone revolves around a few core objectives - each specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, measured in the frame of four weeks.


But it is not held within the temporal bounds of those four weeks. Nor do these topics - and the number of challenge-coinciding topics I've completed - decide when I Level Up. (They do 


In fact, I don't really "Level Up" at all. My Weapon Leveling happens however fast it happens, and is based on a completely different system, detailed in the following section.



Back to these Zones. So for instance!


This first challenge is measured for the exact two remaining weeks. My intention is to walk 0.5 miles a day... but it's an average, not a hit and miss. So, 0.5 miles average for 14 days is 7 miles. So my Destiny Island (Walk-to-Mordor) objective is 7 miles.


If I hit 7 miles, 56 healing potions, 104 hours of Healing Ports, and 1400 words on projects on the intended measured day of the 28th (a breakdown of 0.5 miles, 64 oz, 8 hours, and 100 words a day) then, perfect! I begin the next Zone on the first day of the new Challenge Sector.


If I hit 7 miles before the others have reached their Zone 1 objective, I can start moving into the Zone 2 correlating objective. 


If I hit 7 miles, 56 potions, 104 hours, and 1400 words each before the 28th, then I'll open my Zone 2 challenge in this thread, and re-announce my Zone 2 challenge and progress there-in when I start my new Challenge Thread on the 29th.


And if I haven't completed all of them when the 28th ends? Then I open my new challenge as a continuation of Zone 1, until the point when I move into Zone 2.


No such thing as failure.


Only progress.







My Weapons


The following are statements I desire to be true - some of which are partly or even completely true! But each aspect is something that makes me excited to think about it.


I will not be leveling up. Each of these interests will be leveling up, separately, as they gain experience points.



Athletic Skills
(My body is confident in...)

- Partner Dance

- Spirit Dance
- Aikido React (in response to tantrums or thoughtless physicality, in physical play, in grounding ease)
- Aikido Fall / Land / Roll
- Use of a Bo Staff
- Gymnastics
- Original Play / Lion Cub Wrestling
- Zumba Dance
- Passion Running

- QM (Quadrupedal Movement) 

- Hunt / Free-Fly Nature Parkour



Knowledge Domains
(I know a lot about...)
- Gamification Psychology
- Developmental Psychology
- Motivational Psychology
- Childhood Education / Psychology
- Community Building Games
- Ancient Civilization Myths, Gods, Creatures, and Stories
- Zumba Choreography (The Set)
- Performance Choreography
- The Musical/Princess Disney Movies (Details, Lyrics/Lines, etc.)

- Neurochemicals

- Psychological / Neurochemical Mis-wiring and Re-organizing



Craft Skills
(I'm very good at making...)


- Personal, Relatable, Performable, and Catchy Songs (Original Songwriting)
- Parodies (Parody Songwriting)
- YouTube Videos
- New Dress Designs (Dress Design)
- Dresses (Sewing / Fabric Handling)
- Original Games (Game Invention)
- Italian Food
- A Variation of Soups
- Royal Breakfasts
- Holiday Meals
- Beauty War-Paint Masterpieces



Presence Skills
(I have a cultivated talent for...)

- Emotional Aikido Separation
- Impassioned Connection
- Courage of Visibility
- Motivational Speaking
- Networking
- Piano Performance
- Guitar Performance
- Jazz Singing
- Show Singing
- Holiday Carols / Chorale Singing

Communication Skills
(I can speak...)
- Spanish
- French
- Chinese
- Japanese
- Italian
- Upper Class (English)
- Thespian (English)
- Millennial (English)
- Child (English)
- Play Language
- Directing
- Group Coordination and Organization
- Large Group Activity-Direction and Management




Self Care Experience

(I am capable and knowledgable about...)


- Self-Comfort
- Supportive Structure
- Environmental Psychology & Interior Design
- A.D.H.D.
- Habit Psychology and 
- Sex (Safety and Knowledge)



Bridge Domains

(I can talk about my specialties in their relation to...)


- Classic Science  - Hank Stuff (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Meteorology, etc.)

- Human Understanding - John Stuff (Literature, History, Sociology, Philosophy, etc.)

- Current Events (News, Politics and Goverment, Current Situations, etc.)

- Economics


The above is the only section that I am NOT excited to learn about - but I am contently interested to learn about and definitely value having those weapons in my belt.

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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So I got this new magic scale.


Now to start out, I love the weight I'm at. This is totally my happy weight. So more than anything, I was looking to see what my happy weight was... and if I start tracking it, it'll be to see how my numbers are affected by changes in activity, if I make them.


I'm trusting that everyone here is going to be kind and supportive - and stay away from focusing on any changes in my indexes - except maybe the one that says how hydrated I am. I care about what I can do, and I care about feeling healthy, and I am working very hard to separate myself from the idea that how my body looks is what makes me a valid human or not.


You feel? I'm sure you do.



And now we test out the scale! Before I ate, it said this:


Weight: 142.0 

Body Fat %: 30.0 

Muscle Mass: 32.7

Water Weight: 48.0

Bone Mass: 4.6


So according to that one I need to get my water percentage up, says the scale guide. This is good. I have not had enough water the last few days. Magic scale is doing its job.


Also, apparently I have big bones.


I'm going to go eat now, and see what changes!

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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So I got fired yesterday.


On the one, logical hand, everything about this entire venture was a good thing.


It taught me what kind of job I want. It taught me to value my art, that what I can create is truly valuable to people. It taught me something new about lines that my self-respect will not allowed to be crossed, even when willing to sacrifice so much of that respect for possibility.


It gave me ideas and inspirations about my work and my art and what I want to do about it. And the severence - especially the manner in which it was decided upon - makes me incredibly glad that I got out as soon as I did.


I am proud of the maturity, kindess, grace, and self-awareness with which I guided my shock and hurt and confusion and anger, in the moment of unexpected impact. And I'm grateful for the faith that I have gained in my relationship, from the loving and supportive manner in which my girlfriend has received the news and my fragile state.


Everything, in wise-mind, is good. Everything is good, and I'm grateful for all of it.


But being fired from the best job you've ever had a chance to glimpse, sucks.


It both helps and makes it worse that my being fired unambiguously and unmistakably had nothing to do with me. Helps, because while the pain of loss is hard, and the anger at the unfairness and stupidity makes me feel a bit like...




... I still have the warm comfort of pride and respect of myself.


But it also makes it worse, in a different way. There are things a future me could have done better - there always are. But I am deeply proud of how much I did, how hard I worked, and what I managed to build in what little time I had. There is nothing I can point to and go, "Ah, yup, see, right there, that was my mistake. Learned that for next time, and then it'll be okay."


My "learned it for next time" is just to expect and prepare for the fact that this sort of thing can happen. Which means, next time, it might not be okay. It makes me feel a little scared.


So, this one is having a field day...




... and the unemployment isn't helping.



"How's the Zone going?"


Great. Only ever great. If there was a time limit, I'd say it was going badly.


But it isn't going badly. Because there is no time-limit. Boom.


I'm going to do a more in-depth update of all of these at the half-way mark, tomorrow, but:



Healing Potions: I'm on my 16th.


Miles Run: Well, I've run 2 of my 7 miles. But in terms of Mordor, if you add my prior distance achieved to the running I've done and then also add distance from the last week where I set my phone to track my walk but wasn't counting it as running because I needed low pressure, I'm a lot happier, and I'm going to start reporting that too. I think my NF-BFF FitnessGurl had a challenge like that, so I'll probably go hang out with them and talk about it more.


Ports: I've been writing it down every day! I think I'm fairly solid, we'll find out when I do math tomorrow.


Heartlesss: Actually has two answers. I've slain 4 heartless, which is starting to mean something new and awesome. But in terms of my project, I wrote up a huge and fantastic contract that ended up meaning nothing, and it'll be super useful to me, butI'm notgoing to countthattowardsmy work project and god DAMMIT Ineed tobringmy computer in and fix my space key Iam so sickofdeleting andre-writingevery WORD GAAAAAAAAH.




Talk to you guys more later,

~ WW

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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Explore the Zone:

Run: 3 out of the 7 miles.

Mordor: 3.0 miles (half-marked credit from un-tracked many-hour walk) + 1.25 miles (tracked yesterday on my new fitbit) + 60 miles (prior-to-challenge milestone) + 5.85 (phone-logged over the last week)... 70.10 miles total. 3 miles to Crickhollow!


Healing Potions: Half-way through 19th. 


Ports: 61.75 / 104.00


Project de Heartless: Basic Programs should be done today. I mean I'm totally putting off all my responsibilities so that they'll happen a. later and b. after I'll get experience points for them. But that's what this section is going to be. Slaying heartless and gaining mortal power as to better play my own game.

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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Started the day with a fresh Potion #25.


Added .2 miles to my run count yesterday, and another 1.2 miles to my count this morning.


My girlfriend dragged me out of bed this morning. Despite the grouch, and everything. I love her, she's amazing, I wish everyone had one.


Ate a bar this morning - we haven't made real breakfast yet because we're out of stuff. After I post this, my next four quests are:


- Go to grocery store

- Collect groceries

- Buy groceries

- Bring groceries home


and after that...


- Put away groceries

- Pack lunches

- Make breakfast

- Pack backpack


...and then we're going to go to the library. And I'm going to do some WORK. WORK, MAN. WORK.


If you're wondering why I never did the other half of the scale thing, it's because I'm going to start doing that Sunday Mornings. Sundays are rest days, tally mark days, re-connect days. It's lined up in the scheduling of challenges to be that, perfectly, and also I think I'm going to make that part of My Game.


Much luck,

~ WW

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To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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EXPLORE: Added 1.2 miles 


POTIONS: Starting the day with fresh potion #30! I did FIVE water bottles in the last 24 hours, let's go hydration!


PORTS: Actually had some really interesting data last night. I went to bed about 10:05, and fell asleep quickly. Like, a half hour later. 10:30, I was snoozing, definitely, and that's crazy town and wonderful given my history.


And then I woke up at 5:00. Like, near exactly. And my body was like, yup, okay, I'm awake.


I tested it, standing up from my bed. And a further part of my brain went, "Oh, you're up? In that case, you should go to the bathroom, drink some water, and go get your Fitbit from the charge port area". But these things weren't strong enough that they woke me.


Undesirous of being awake so early, I defied my wide eyes and crawled back into bed at 5:19. My tired body complied agreeably, and not ten minutes later I was back asleep again.


Still crazy town.


Then my girlfriend's alarms woke us up twice before 7:00, costing me :30 seconds each of sleep, and then she tried to wake me up at 7:00, leadingto ten minutes of bartering and eventually agreement that we didn't need to go to the track today - I had not gotten enough sleep to merit it. 7:15, I was asleep again.


Then she woke me up AGAIN at 9:15, and I happily got up.


So, 10:05-5:05 (I tried staying in bed a few minutes) meant +7hrs of Port Time. But the 10:30-5:00 was +6.5hrs of sleep.


Then I went back to bed at 5:19, but we'll smooth it out with the two 30-second-non-rest alarm gaps and calculate it as 5:20 - 7:00, in which I was asleep an agreeably calculatable 5:25-6:55, resulting in +1.66hrs Port Time, and 1.5hrs sleep.


Then I went back to bed around 7:10, adding 5 minutes of rest before wake-up and bringing me, in solid combo with the few minutes of good morning greeting to 8.75hrs (don't want to deal with that .66 nonsense). Then add a near exact +2hrs to each, and you have...


Sleep: 10 hours

Port Time: 10.75 hours


This is sufficient! This also means I'm at 92.25 hours of port time. Out of... 104! Not half bad. 


WORDS: Well, I did about 2,500 words in the library yesterday. What was my overall goal?




... ah. 1,400. So, I guess I hit that mark. I'm going to set a more reasonable goal for the further zones.



Life Update: Wellllll I got hired at an awesome place again for the summer only now it raises all sorts of questions about relocation and stuff and I'm going to HANDLE THAT TODAY.

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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EXPLORE: Last night I added 1.78 miles. This put me at 7.38 miles run. That is more than 7 miles.


Just finished my goal here. Whaaaat. XD


It also put me at 74.38 Mordor journey - CRICKHOLLOW! WHOO!


I added 1.67 miles walked this morning, so I'm at 76.05 walked miles total. 


My next Zone will probably involve walking to Tom Bombadil, which is the 98 mile mark.


I've figured out that I'm going to change the construction a little bit, for the next multiplier. 


Regular for 5 days a week (.5 miles run per day, etc.)


Then a Boss Battle on Saturday, and a pointed Rest Day on Sunday. 


I'll talk about it more later. Gotta go.


- WW

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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I am still going! I'm just, you know, still going HERE.


Because DANG. Those water bottles, though.


I just cracked open 50. I've found that if I try really hard to drink water constantly all day, do activities just to make me thirstier or give me nothing to do but drink, if I make it a foundational priority...


I drink an average of 32 ounces a day.


That is very important! I mean, I knew I didn't drink enough water, but that's really notable. It means that next Zone, I'm going to be setting a HALVED goal in terms of projection for the month.


My "Zone Quests" are supposed to be things I could do if I casually maintained a good amount of intent, that if I really focus on them and make them a priority, I can finish much sooner than the month's end.


So if my trying really hard all the time just focusing on drinking water is currently putting me at 2 water bottles a day, then next challenge, I'm only going to extrapolate keeping on drinking two bottles a day - certainly not four.


But if I can GET up to four... well then, I will be rockstar. Hoo-sha. B)


So my March Challenge is scheduled to launch Saturday Ev.....





... oh, I never finished this.


So today I am STILL here and also I walked OVER SIX MILES yesterday total and I'm VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT.


I also cracked open 53 this morning. With all that walking, I still didn't drink more than the hard earned 32 ounces. I'm attempting to give myself a break about it.


HOPEFULLY planning on joining the new parade only a week late. La-dee-dah. 


- WW

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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Doing my end of challenge calculations.


Realized I erased all my port logging time after the 25th before actually transcribing it or adding it up.


So I definitely got an average of 8 hours a night the last week and a half... so I'm just going to count six hours a night, because I DON'T HAVE THE COUNTS.




92.25 + (12 x 6) = 92.25 + 72 = 164.25 - a further round down for security of value added = a end count of 150 hours.

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.â€


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