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Lunael starts her way back to the roots

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Greetings to all of you!


I am Lunael and I set out on my path to live a life closer to nature. I want to roam the forests, climb trees and learn about all sorts of animals and plants. I want to explore the wilderness, quick with my feet and quick with my bow.  


First of all, I want to get my diet in order, freeing myself from emotional eating, sugar addiction and guilt feelings. I want to increase my fitness, but slowly this time, and start to do archery again. Thus, I began my first official challenge this year at 5th of February and those are the rules


CHALLENGE GOAL: Reduce BF-percentage to under 30% (thats about 3%) until 1st of April


Food: Absolutely no unhealthy sweets/snacks during lent

Fitness: Strength workout at least twice a week (current Level: Bodyweight 1)

Relax: One nap a week (at least 5 min)

Fitness/Relax: One yoga session a week (at least 5 min)

Personal: Try out archery this year DONE!


So far, the challenge runs fine. I track everything I eat and all workouts in my fitbook. I found a new and very nice archery club and shot some arrows for an hour (now I am waiting for the wheather to be suitable again).


Until now I have done three workouts a week, but I try to keep the pressure low to avoid stress and emotional eating. I increaed one rep of one exercise in every workout to make tiny progress every time.


Week 1:

Structured my workout schedule, completed the recruit training and chose the exercise levels as well as cool down and warm up programs. I took all measurements and a before photo. Started to increase daily water intake and made more healthy food choices.


Week 2:

Started the "no sweets/snacks during lent"-Quest and got a membership in an archery club. Completed Yoga Water 1.


Week 3:

Continued to follow my plan, did some more research and decided for some loot/rewards to keep being motivated. Also created my alter egos origin story.


That's where I'm at! If I am lucky, I can practice some archery on sunday - hopefully, the weather will allow it!

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Week 3:

Still all is fine, I do my tasks according to plan. I gave everything this week to train in archery but unfortunately, the wheather didn't want me to do so. I made plans for my upcoming off-days to focus on healthy eating and archery and trying to do some adventure-quests (if the weather will be good enough). I tended to eat tons this week :/ my thyroid issues were bugging me..

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Week 4:

A stressful week with negative emotions. I didn't quite feel right and I ate a lot again, I am still addicted to nuts...I tried to go for some archery, but the weather forbade it. One good thing was that I joined my mom in a Fitness class (nearly killed me..O.o)


Week 5:

I went for some archery, yay! So important Progress :D! I noticed that it is much easier now to do the jump rope for 2 min during warm up. I also reduced my cheese intake which is a good thing. I am proud to say that I went to a  congress this week and did NOT fall into any of the bad food traps they set out everywhere on those Events!

I felt a little weak like close to becoming sick and unfortunately I ate maybe Pasta too often and once even some sweet breakfast (FAIL!) But it has not led to any binges which is pretty good. Failed to do some extra-Yoga this week.


Week 6:

Though I ate a tiny muffin on one day (and broke my lent!!! Gnarf!) overall I imporeved my eating habits this week. I successfully did my workout on friday despite lacking any motivation. At the end of the week I felt rather horrible, very weak, very dizzy. I did not make it to archery this week but searched for a solution to carry my bow on my bike, so I can use my bike for everything again. I ate Pasta one again and skipped the extra yoga as well as the napping this week.

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Week 7 and 8 and conclusion:

In the last two weeks of my challenge, I was free of work, and thus I used the time to practice a lot of archery (about 4 or 5 hours total). I stuck to my training schedule, still increasing one rep a time. I am now trying to do the workouts in the morning, so I can make more use of the evening hours. I also meditated a few times, slept a lot and practiced some yoga here and there. I noticed that I rather do 20 to 40 min yoga occassionally when I feel calm and fit enough than force myself to do 5 min each week. I also was running once or twice, and I biked from home to my boyfriends flat (about 16 km).

Concerning the food, I got a little slacky in the last few weeks. I built up too much pressure and the constant consequent sweets restriction gave me cravings at the end. I had one binge attack at the very end in the ususal trigger situation. However, that's quite okay, I think. I mean, I still made it over 40 days without absolutely any unhealthy sweets.


I have not yet dared to step on the scale, but I know I lost some body fat, even if not much. More importantly, my emotional eating habits and more so the binge attacks, are almost gone and if the come, they are much less bad than before.


So all in all I'd say it was a total win!


Another very important decision I made: I want to move to another flat closer to the city soon. It might by double the price and half the size, even not saving much time in the everydaylife, but I am so fed up with living in the lifeless overaged outskirts in a flat with almost no heating T_T.


(Sorry for updating so late, I am just not so much an internet-person and I kind of try to free myself from pressure of unnecessary tasks and appointments to reduce my stress-related eating behaviour)

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