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Atrytone: A Girl Can Do What She Wants To Do

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Goal One: They Gathered for The Feast

A friend of mine who has been doing strength training for a bit longer than me was a little shocked when I mentioned I’d lost weight since January (about 5lbs last time I checked). I’m not too concerned since I’m sure it relates to the fact that I’m burning more calories and I’ve basically cut bread out of my diet. I’m still gaining strength so no biggie right? Well her concern did get me thinking. I’m not sure I’m actually eating enough for proper gains. Or eating the right stuff. What I’m eating a lot of lately are fruits and veggies. That’s not bad but I’m of the opinion that it can’t hurt to add more protein to my diet as it’s usually only for sure a part of dinner and sometimes breakfast. Lately I haven’t had much in the way of protein for lunches. I also need to focus on eating more on my days off. I nibble a little during the day but not on anything substantial until dinner. Making sure I’m eating more protein throughout the day will hopefully have a positive effect on that bad habit.


Eat proteins at least three separate times per day

  • Phenomenal – proteins eaten 78+ total times
  • Great – proteins eaten 65-77 total times
  • Good – proteins eaten 52-64 total times
  • Mediocre – proteins eaten 39-51 total times
  • Poor – proteins eaten 26-38 total times
  • Abysmal – proteins eaten 0-25 total times


Goal Two: Why Do We Fall in Love So Easy?

Squats quickly became my favorite thing to do after a good friend took the time to show me her gym routine. While my weighted squat goal is my own body weight, and as such will take some time to reach, I noticed last challenge that body weight squats have become far too easy. In one of Steve’s NF posts I read about one-legged squats (this was before I discovered my love for squats). Somehow I guess the idea of one-legged squats stuck with me. Then someone (I can’t remember who unfortunately) linked startbodyweight.com which has body weight exercise progressions clearly outlined. I will be using this as a reference. Currently I can do deep squats without any trouble. The next four progressions, in order, are Bulgarian split squats, beginner shrimp squats, assisted one-legged squats, and balance assisted one-legged squats. After that one should hopefully be able to complete a weighted one-legged squat followed after by a proper one-legged squat (apparently these are also called pistol squats which is an awesome name). It suggests that once you can do 3 sets of 8 you are ready to move on to the next progression.


Progress to at least balance assisted one-legged squats by the end of the challenge

  • Phenomenal – Complete 3x8 one-legged squats
  • Great – Complete 3x8 weighted one-legged squats
  • Good – Complete 3x8 balance assisted one-legged squats
  • Mediocre – Complete 3x8 assisted one-legged squats
  • Poor – Complete 3x8 beginner shrimp squats
  • Abysmal – Complete 3x8 Bulgarian split squats


Goal Three: Among The Fallen Trees

Running past challenge did not work out so well. There were a couple times I was happy about it but for the most part it was an ordeal. On the suggestion of many others I decided to try something different for my cardio health this challenge. Hiking. I’m enormously blessed to live in an area with a number of gorgeous hiking trials of varying difficulty levels. It’s a shame I haven’t taken greater advantage of them in the past. No time like the present to make up for lost time though. It’ll do me a lot of good to get out and do something other than school. I’m a bit of a homebody so hopefully this will be a nice gentle stretch for my limits. As a bonus I’d like to try taking pictures on my hikes. No pressure but I think it would be fun.


Go hiking at least once per week

  • Phenomenal – 5+ hikes
  • Great – 4 hikes
  • Good – 3 hikes
  • Mediocre – 2 hikes
  • Poor – 1 hike
  • Abysmal – 0 hikes


Goal Four: We Had Such a Brainiac-Amour

Exactly the same as last challenge; I need to work on my consistency for this goal. My motivation for school work still isn’t all there. As before I have four courses and four free days per week. I plan to spend 30 minutes studying per class per day off. This comes to a total of 2 hours of studying each day off and 2 hours for each class weekly. If I manage to maintain a 3.67 GPA or higher this semester, I’ll probably be able to graduate with distinction. This shouldn’t be difficult as long as I put some effort into it.


Dedicate at least 2 hours each day off to study time (30 minutes/class)

  • Phenomenal – 29+ hours of studying
  • Great – 28 hours of studying
  • Good – 21-27 hours of studying
  • Mediocre – 14-20 hours of studying
  • Poor – 7-13 hours of studying
  • Abysmal – 0-6 hours of studying


I'll use my measurements from the last day of the previous challenge and compare them to measurements at the end of this challenge. Measurements will be taken on March 25 around 6 am before breakfast. I'll probably take pictures as well since I've already started that. I'll compare them to my pictures from February 26.

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I hear you on the school-front.  Getting through a master's program right now and my motivation is next to nill. That ends up sapping my mental energy which means then I don't come on here nearly enough.


Wow. Yeah I'm giving myself a year or two before I tackle that beast. What are you taking your Master's in if you don't mind me asking?


Looks like a great challenge. I'm excited to be following again.


Thanks, happy to have you!

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Those are really great goals and I look forward to seeing those hiking pics :) good luck on the pistol squats and protein too! I only recently successfully did a few pistols. Believe me they are worth the effort to work up to. Good luck!


Thanks! Don't get too excited, my camera is horribly outdated and I'm too cheap to buy a new one so the quality will be questionable. :P I'm pretty excited about my squat goal. I know it won't be easy but it's something I really want to work on. I feel like it'll improve my weighted squats as well.


following along again


Lovely! Happy to have you.

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The names of your goals are very cool and I'm rooting for a Phenomenal challenge for you going forward!


Wolf & Deadpool & Betty White

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Wild Wolf

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The names of your goals are very cool and I'm rooting for a Phenomenal challenge for you going forward!




Wolf & Deadpool


Thank you! They're all shamelessly borrowed from songs I like. A Phenomenal challenge would be pretty awesome.

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Got to follow along again.

Woden uses ravens, I use an iphone.

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Where to find me: Current Challenge : Battle Log Facebook : Instagram :

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"We do not rise to our expectations. We fall to our level of training." Archilochus

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No worries on the pics, I usually just take some pics from my cell phone. :D


My phone is so old it doesn't have a camera :P


Got to follow along again.

Woden uses ravens, I use an iphone.


As always I'm happy to have you along Thom. Thanks for taking the time. :)

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So the first hike I have planned is an easy 40 minute loop according to trails.com. It's in a nearby-ish Provincial Park which means it'll be well maintained. I've been there before but not recently. I think it's best that I start small and work my way up. I'm pretty excited. I'll go next Saturday or Sunday. I'll check the weather forecast closer to the date and base my decision on which day it's less likely to rain.


Very excited for this goal.

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I know we're still in pre-challenge mode but I just did 3x8 deep squats to make sure I could. No real problem unless you count my left knee clicking each time I stood. Silly knees; don't they know I don't have time for their bullshit?


On a potentially related note does anyone have exercise suggestions for dealing with anxiety?

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Be careful with those knees, if they start to cause any pain definitely don't try to over do it. But as for anxiety I think the walks would be a good start. What exactly is causing the anxiety if you do not mind me asking? For me going for a walk or throwing around some dumbbells works. I don't think there is a magic exercise to handle anxiety. The fact that you are moving around and working through it is the important part.

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Be careful with those knees, if they start to cause any pain definitely don't try to over do it. But as for anxiety I think the walks would be a good start. What exactly is causing the anxiety if you do not mind me asking? For me going for a walk or throwing around some dumbbells works. I don't think there is a magic exercise to handle anxiety. The fact that you are moving around and working through it is the important part.


No no! No pain (at least not from this - bad knees do run in the family and I had a minor injury to the other knee back in September). I definitely know my limits and won't push too hard. Thank you for your concern though.


This time in particular it's the fact that I have to pay off loans soon. My BA is almost over so I have to deal with the government trying to screw me every chance they get. Luckily school isn't as expensive in Canada as it is in the States and I've kept my loans down but interest is a real bitch. If I want to pay it off in a timely manner I need a good paying job fast and my BA won't help me with that. The stress/pressure just got to me a bit yesterday and I spent a couple hours on the verge of panic.


I'll try going for a walk next time I start freaking out.


Clicking in knees during squats is not a cause for alarm. Pain, however, as Volki has mentioned is a cause for alarm. Let them be as noisy as they want.


Yeah, it didn't hurt it was just a little irritating. I am lucky that my knees aren't as bad as they could be. My dad and Grandpa both had to have bone chips removed from their knees when they were younger than me.


They don't click usually during regular squats, I think it was coming up from a full bend that caused them to make with the clicking.

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It's BA with a major in psychology. Honestly, I'm thinking about doing landscaping this summer. Decent pay, full-time hours, and it would definitely help me with the whole functional strength thing. :P


While psych degrees are considered some of the most employable I'd be lucky if I managed to get a managerial position. I have no experience there though so it's doubtful. I've also considered serving because I know some tricks to get good tips (thanks psychology) but that's kind of hit or miss too.

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That's true, I was in the oilfield for a while and all that manual labor really buffs you up haha. Hmm maybe to and go for hospital staff work to get your foot in the psych door and then with exp you could move into an actual psych office. Idk just a thought because at the hospital I'm at there is 6floors of psych workers from nurse to psych to admin.

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I appreciate the suggestion but i) I hate hospitals, ii) in my Province you need a PhD before you can practice psychology, and iii) I don't want to be a clinical or counseling psychologist I want to go into cognitive neuroscience and play with brains all day because they make sense in a way people don't.

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Here for the hiking and general awesome!

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