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NikkiB Wakes Up


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It's been a while (close to a year)?  So glad my workplace Internet protocols have relaxed enough for me to post from the office again, because I don't get more than 10 minutes online at home in a given night, if that, and I really miss this community.


It's been a heckuva time.  My mother passed away suddenly back in July, which was a logistical nightmare on top of everything else...by the time I got home from that, kids were starting the new school year, soccer season was underway, one kiddo had to be prepped for college, another kiddo was getting started with dance team, and and and.  I never did get my feet back under me for autumn.  Then, in November, I injured my shoulder doing some ridiculous kitchen dancing and ended up finally giving in to reconstruction (rotator cuff repair) surgery in early December.  Lost quite a lot of time to pain, meds, and immobilization.  Finally started PT a couple of weeks ago and went in for my (delayed) annual check-up at which the cost of the last six months was apparent -- blood profile veering toward very unhealthy, some extra weight, and general lack of fitness.  Doc isn't requiring me to go on meds right away, but I have to go in for a recheck in four months, since it's very clear that the last eight months have NOT been normal. Trying to look at it as an opportunity to experiment with red wine.  Still waiting on results from Wednesday's mammogram. 


ANYWAY.  I'm approaching this as if I'm waking up from a very long sleep.  It's going to take time to get all systems rolling again, and I need to be gentle and patient with a body that's been doing its best for me.  For this four weeks, it's all about the basics, shaped by mutually agreeable suggestions from my doctor that thankfully had nothing to do with fat or carb intake:


1. hydrate with at least 64 oz of fluids daily

2. eat at least five six servings of fruits and veggies per day (aim for mostly veg)

3. move for at least 250 minutes of activity per week


Thankfully, my fitbit helps me with a lot of this -- even the hydration, because PlantNanny makes me want to punch people.  Got my first 10k day since November this week, and 10k steps per day (if not accomplished at the pace of "mosey" will generally give me 35 minutes of activity per day as well).  Did meal planning/food prep this past Sunday as well.  Pleasantly surprised by how it felt like a relief and a joy rather than a horrible chore, now that I was ready for it.  Bought a nice big bottle of Lambrusco. 


I'm adding a more generalized goal to clean up bedtime habits.  Sleep has been undermined by (until recently) an inability to get comfortable and still needing the heavier pain meds once in a while.    Orthopedic surgeon thinks it's not yet the time to completely come off those, but I'd like to make sure I'm setting myself up to succeed there.  It is a *very* long road back, described to me as up to 8 months until I'm back to normal.  (It took until about six weeks post-op before I would agree that the surgery was worth doing.)  Thankfully, the surgeon and PT support what *I* want *MY* normal to be -- TKD sparring and eventual testing for black belt, heavy lifting, and general Action Mom stuff.  Forbidden to enter the TKD building until fully cleared by surgeon and PT, but I did three wall pushups yesterday and they were awesome.  Was able to lift a cup of coffee to my face with my right arm yesterday, so...PROGRESS.  Next challenge's goals might be sexier. 

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Welcome back, Nikki. I'm sorry for your loss. My parents just lost a friend of theirs last week, and they're off at the funeral today. I feel for you, I really do.


It's good to see you again, though.


The veggies and water goals are going to be pretty simple. All you gotta do is drink until you pee clear and then keep it that way, and if you go for the frozen bags of veggies, those are typically 4-5 servings a piece just on their own. The 250 minutes of physical activity goal is what would throw me the most, as they proceeded to last challenge, but hey. I seem to recall that you were very good about getting your activity on when and where you could last time, and I bet you get back on that horse really quick.


Hokay. Here we are. Here we go.

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NIKKIB! I'm glad to see you over at the forums again.


ummmm i've been keeping up with your shoulder rehab at the book of faces but I didn't realize there was kitchen dancing involved in the injury? someday, that story would be fun to hear.

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Setting up my weekly metrics.  Traveling Tues-Thurs this week, which is challenging, but so far I'm managing well the factors that are in my control.  Using fitbit to track as much data as possible, because I want my reference points to be as objective as possible when I re-visit the doctor in 3.5 months.



1. hydration:  WIN

2. veggies:  made it to 5, thanks to some extra greens with dinner

3. Hit 10k steps, with 46 active minutes (daily average needs to be ~35 to get me to that 250/week baseline, which I aim to crush every week)


Tuesday (day ain't over yet)

1. hydration:WIN 54 oz right now, and we're about to go out to dinner.  Very tricky to hydrate enough on a traveling day since I hate always having to tell my companions that I have to use the bathroom, but my body seems to have acclimated a little since last week. 

2. veggies:  WIN at 4 servings right now (thanks to a cup of tomato juice on the plane), and we're about to go out to dinner.  Positive here is that I've already seen a Denny's across the street where I can start off with a solid breakfast by choosing carefully, and I'm the one who arranged the catering for the next couple of days, so I'll have reasonable choices to take advantage of.

3. Activity WIN Hit more than 12k steps already and 63 active minutes -- one positive here is that our hotel is only a few blocks from the facility where we're hosting events tomorrow and Thursday, so I'm lobbying to walk.  San Jose weather is beautiful!



1. hydration: WIN  -- Calling it now.  At 62 oz and haven't gone to dinner yet.  Ended up at  84 oz, with some of it a lovely red wine. 

2. veggies:  At five servings so far today, and I promise I didn't count the raisins in my oatmeal raisin cookie.  Aiming to finish winning this one at dinner.   Side salad, plus some kind of zucchini and stuffed mushroom appetizer.  Not precisely HEALTHY, but vegetable-intensive.  

3. steps/activity:  at 8k steps and 25 mins of activity right now...feeling good.  Update:  WIN!


Thursday -- another traveling day! 

1. hydration -- WIN.  Just about 80 oz of water.  

2. veggies -- made it to four, after realizing at about 3p that I hadn't had any fruits or veggies to speak of all day (( sigh ))

3. steps/activity -- WIN, both steps and active minutes



1. hydration -- probably not going to make it to 64 but I'm hydrating at a good pace now that I've remembered

2. veggies -- only, like 3.5 today, oh well

3. steps/activity -- WIN, despite shitloads of dontwanna



1. hydration -- WIN, with close to 70 oz

2. veggies -- not so bad for only having eaten two meals today, at 4 servings 

3. steps/activity -- BOOM.  Didn't hit my steps today, but got enough to bring my week over 70k steps and 263 minutes


Sundayn-- not a very active day, but not entirely unsuccessful

1. hydration -- over 40 oz, might not make it to 64

2. veggies -- at four servings so far, pretty much done eating

3. steps/activity -- managed a bit over 8k before taking off my fitbit for a splendid bath and didn't put it back on; close to 25 minutes of activity?

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Super-tired here now.  Had to leave my home at 4a local time, and it's now not quite 6p in San Jose but feels like 8p and we still have to go out to dinner.  Fortunately, I have some understanding co-workers, so I can ride along and not be very entertaining company.  :)  Hotel doesn't have room service, so it's go along or wander over to Denny's alone, which I don't think would do me much good on a few different levels. 


Shoulder is bothering me some, which I think has a lot to do with the changing pressure of take-offs and landings.  I've been doing a bit more reaching than usual, but generally remembering to ask for help with lifting.  I brought my little pulley set and a yoga mat so I can manage my exercises here in the hotel room. 


San Jose is beautiful...I've missed being around Big Geography.  I wish we had time to see more of the Bay Area while I'm out here.  Tomorrow will be a long day of being charming and clever, but I'll have lots of movement and opportunities to shine professionally, so here goes.  Dinner, then BEDTIME. 

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Rested so very well last night.  I miss my bed at home, but didn't have a mastiff trying to ninja up on the bed to cuddle, and I didn't fuck around with pain meds or worrying about anybody else's bedtime.  Got home from customer dinner, got washed up, did my PT and hit the 's sack.  BOOM.  Got up early enough to wander over to Denny's for a veggie omelet and a side of fruit for breakfast, with simple coffee (not a confection from Starbucks, which was also Right Across the Street).  I felt like that started me off nicely.  I'm in charge of the catering, so I knew there would be side salad and side fruit along with the sandwiches.  Stuck to water instead of soda.  Walked around like a maniac.  Heading out to another customer dinner (Italian = YUM), and then another event to manage tomorrow.  My personal nutritional goals for these customer dinners are to have a salad with vinaigrette before my main course, to order an entrée that is mostly about vegetables, and to NOT order dessert.  


For tomorrow's event, I was asked to order BBQ, which will be slightly less righteous, but I can hardly feel bad about cole slaw and corn bread.  Good cole slaw is something of a sacrament in my world. Also:  the place delivering our food is called Armadillo Willy's, which makes me giggle every time I say it. 


In odd humor, somebody asked me if I was going to have a cookie earlier today.  When answering YES, I mentioned that "this ass doesn't make itself, you know."  And it's true.  Simultaneously acknowledging that the cookie might affect the size of my ass, but owning that I am 100% in charge of the choices regarding my ass, while also exhibiting a certain pride in the amazingness of my posterior chain.  Because I have a lot of booty pride (form meets function, yo).

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Yesterday got pretty chaotic.  I managed to keep hydrated but barely remembered to eat at all, much less include fruits/veg, until after about 3p.  And then it was airplanes and connections and driving home at 1a.  At least I got my steps in likewhoa?  


Today, felt super exhausted.  I didn't really settle in to sleep until about 3:30a and then got up at 6:30 to hug kiddos getting ready for school.  Stole a bit more rest and then claimed the privilege of working from home.  Didn't really get on my feet until about 3p, so I had a lot of catching up to do.  Every meal or snack that I remembered to eat today involved a fruit or vegetable, but I won't make it to six full servings today.  Realized I'd been sitting here, feeling a little thirsty, for about an hour with a full glass of water RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  I'm that worn out.  Not so much making bad choices.  Just not doing much at all.  Which, okay.


Let the dog take me for a walk in the sunshine a bit before dinner.  We're getting used to leash-walking together again, and it's nice to have a companion.  She's a big, older dog by this time, so I ended up bringing her back to the house and going out for a bit longer myself.  Made my step and activity goal for the day.  And now, it's some wine and getting ready for an early bedtime.


Mammogram came back clear.  I miss mom.  Last time, I called to scandalize her with jokes about showering with my husband and how that keeps my breasts "clean."  

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I caucused in Kansas today and used 20 seconds of courage not to say NO when somebody nominated me as a delegate.  Made a little speech and now I'm going to the state convention in April as a delegate for Sanders.  So that happened.  I am not shy and used to make a living writing speeches/coaching speechwriting, but I'm kind of experiencing introvert whiplash right now.  I live in a very red town, in a very red state, and I generally don't get political in public because it tends to undermine common ground.  At our caucus, a bunch of people said they didn't even know there were any democrats in our town.  But now, I've essentially agreed to "out" myself and make an effort to represent.  Kind of reeling.  


Anyway.  That was a lot of sitting and not-moving, so I'm okay with trading off on the steps I didn't make today.  Hubby took me out for a margarita and shrimp quesadilla, and then we came home for a companionable walking of dogs around the neighborhood to get enough steps and minutes of activity to hit my weekly goals.  Multi-slacking in bed now, aiming for a really long night of sleep.  Tomorrow:  grocery shopping!  (Planned meals with one of the kiddos earlier.)

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Not a balls-out successful day, but generally made on-track choices.  I think part of the challenge with eating on weekends is, if I sleep in a bit, then I eat brunch instead of breakfast and lunch, and then might forget to eat dinner unless we eat out.  Which is probably okay...I've been sure to include one or two servings of fruit/veg with each meal, and involve fruit/veg in my snacks.  It just doesn't get me to that magic number six, is all.  {{ shrug }}


Habits are coming along, I think, but I don't want to get complacent about resetting these behaviors in earnest before I add more to them. Going to ask at PT if I can do planks or bear crawls to start building a bit more strength in my shoulder.  Definitely not ready for TGUs yet.  I got a nice email from Master Steve, about returning to TKD classes.  I'm not clear to do that yet, probably because my doctor knows I'm not really great at setting limits, but there are a few events coming up that I might volunteer at.  I miss the people a whole lot.  Hoping that, by summertime, I will be clear to return to classes in some capacity.  Will likely include in the next 4-week challenge a comprehensive review of forms.  


In other news, I went to my district (democratic) caucus on Saturday, and it was much more highly attended than I would have figured for the state of Kansas.  I've *organized* caucuses before, in my very early career days, but I've never been inside the doors as a participant.  It was kind of neat.  I enjoyed it enough that I tapped into 20 seconds of courage and didn't say NO when a friend I hadn't seen in maybe four years nominated me as a delegate.  Made a little speech and was elected.  So now I have a lot of homework to do before I go to the state capital on April 2.   The thing that has me uncomfortable about it is knowing that I'm very much in the minority in my town.  I mean, these people have Confederate flags and I know for a fact that some of my neighbors are rabid Trump supporters.  I am not expected to convert anybody, but as an earnest delegate I should be open about my party and my political views, because that might make the difference in some other closeted liberal feeling like they can make a difference.  ANYWAY.  That'll be interesting.  

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As someone who used to work for his state's Board of Elections, it makes me happy to see other people get politically involved. Not that I'm taking sides, but just getting involved. That's cool.


It sounds like you're doing the best that you can with everything you have in front of you. I'm definitely sympathetic with the whole rehab/go back to doing things problem, and while it doesn't sound like you're champing at the bit so to speak, it's still a frustrating place. I hope you get through this and heal well.


And, on to Week 2.

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Setting up week two:  March 7-13

Adding one round of (approved) body weight exercises per day, which presumes warm-up and cool-down work.  This week, it's about making time for the effort rather than the actual challenge.  I feel like forced immobilization has cost me a lot of fluidity, and I've got a lot of new information regarding good form to implement.  



1. hydration (64 oz): WIN, with 84 oz consumed and 64+ of those ounces just plain water.  

2. fruits/veg (6): WIN, thanks to a cup of V8.

3. movement (10k steps, 35 mins/day avg): WIN on both counts.  Nice to see my 7-day steps getting to more than 70k per week now too!

4. body weight (one round): MISS.  Must have used up my oomph by just setting the goal.  Will do two rounds on Tuesday to make up for it.  



1. hydration (64 oz): WIN, with 88 oz of fluids (64 oz of which was not coffee)

2. fruits/veg (6): WIN.  Made it to something like 7.5-8.0 servings, if I count my cup of V8 as two servings instead of one.  I was at six servings before having my V8 and then for dinner had meaty and heavy-on-the-tomatoes-and-onions-and-green-peppers pasta sauce over spaghetti squash instead of actual spaghetti.  

3. movement (10k steps, 35 mins/day avg):  WIN, with nearly 11k steps just before bedtime and 49 active minutes logged.  

4. body weight (one round): didn't MISS completely.  Not going to try to do three rounds tomorrow, but will continue to improve my incremental remembering to do these throughout the week.



1. hydration (64 oz): WIN

2. fruits/veg (6): WIN. thanks to the Larabar I ate during the orchestra concert (dinner!)

3. movement (10k steps, 35 mins/day avg): MISS, with just over 7k steps.  Not horrible.  Not too difficult to make it up in the next couple of days.  Active minutes are reading ZERO, though, which is bullshit.  Also not impossible to make up, even if I'm resentful about the activity that didn't register.

4. body weight (one round):  eh.  Did BW squats and the twisting/punching exercise, along with a few wall push-ups.



1. hydration (64 oz): WIN, 68 oz

2. fruits/veg (6): WIN, seven

3. movement (10k steps, 35 mins/day avg): WIN, just over 11k steps and 61 minutes of recorded activity

4. body weight (one round): Nope



1. hydration (64 oz): WIN

2. fruits/veg (6): WIN

3. movement (10k steps, 35 mins/day avg): went walking late at night, like a boss, to hit these goals.  RAWR.

4. body weight (one round):  did my PT exercises, at least



1. hydration (64 oz): WIN

2. fruits/veg (6): WIN

3. movement (10k steps, 35 mins/day avg): WIN, with a brisk morning walk to the coffee shop with 14yo.  Got all my activity minutes in before 11a, and hit my step goal by 2p.

4. body weight (one round):


Sunday -- Sunday was a day of "not quite" on all fronts, but at least C+ performance instead of total failure.  Didn't make terrible choices.

1. hydration (64 oz): WIN

2. fruits/veg (6): made it to 4+ but wasn't paying attention very well

3. movement (10k steps, 35 mins/day avg): right about 7,500

4. body weight (one round): nerp

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I had a great visit with PT this morning -- he's manipulating my shoulder through some ROM that I haven't had in 25+ years, which is uncomfortable but very exciting.  Might spend some quality time with an ice pack a bit later today.  He has *officially* cleared me to add some body weight work at home:  squats, crunches (with arms across my chest), step-ups (no box jumps yet), and 30-second intervals of holding/rocking on my hands and knees (kind of a primal movement thing? no planking just yet).  I have added a daily session of those exercises to my goals for this week.  In the next couple of weeks, he is willing to have me walk through a couple of forms so he can evaluate whether it's safe for me to start working on those again.  WOO!


We did a pretty thorough grocery shopping trip yesterday and planned out home-cooked dinners for the week, along with work lunches for me, school lunches for the GF kiddo, and solid "grab snacks" for extra nutrition during dance and soccer.  It's a relief to be back to more solid eating patterns.  So that's interesting to notice.  

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I mommed real hard yesterday.  Nonstop at work, and then didn't really get home until about 9:30p with pickup from soccer practice, soccer parent meeting, middle school choir concert, and then dance class for 7th-grader.  Had to work hard to make up steps and activity minutes quite late in the day, so yesterday was my first "exercise walking" session instead of just picking up steps during the course of the day.  Felt real good to just move right along for 20-30 minutes.  I want to be able to comfortably hoof it for 30-45 minutes before it's a good idea to add running into the mix.  Frustrated with the lag in fitbit recording minutes of activity.  I can *know* I've done it, but having the data is important in my head for providing evidence to the doctor come June.  


V8 is a really super tool right now, when it comes to veggie consumption.  (Fortunately, I don't have trouble with sodium.)  Chugging a cup of that when I walk in the door from work gets me a serving or two of veggies, and the taste (while not horrible) kind of kills my desire to snack on anything else while I'm prepping dinner.  Also very glad I purchased on-the-go snackage.  Slightly higher cost per serving than prepping them myself, but that Sargento "take-along" packet kept me away from the Sonic drive-through.  Need to pick up a spaghetti squash on the way home tonight.  It's meat sauce and pasta night, and I like subbing that in for actual spaghetti.


Slightly less on the calendar for tonight, thank goodness.  And next week is spring break.  College kids will be home; ninth-grader will be away on an orchestra trip to Disney; and seventh-grader will be with her dad for the week.  No dance or soccer practice to manage.  Eldest wants to come with me to PT so she can geek out and get some observation hours.  (( sigh ))  I'm becoming something of a case study in her kinesiology class.  

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I've noticed these last couple of days that walking is shifting from "this thing I do throughout the day" to "an exercise session in which walking is my workout."  So that's kind of a cool mindset to recapture.  Weather turning nasty...I don't mind walking in the rain (even if my dog is a wimp about it), but I typically won't go walking in thunderstorm.  Will need to get creative.  Perhaps I can be steady enough on the elliptical/stepping thing in our basement?  Haven't been willing to risk it before, because I would *not* be able to safely catch myself if my balance goes all wonky, but I still have a lot of steps and activity minutes to accomplish.  Fortunately, there are a lot fewer "mom-peratives" on the calendar this evening.


ETA:  Never mind.  It was wet out but not actually raining.  Made up the meaty pasta sauce (from scratch!) and let it simmer, put spaghetti squash in the oven, and asked hubby to make pasta while I went out for a walk.  A good 30+ minutes, and got me from 5k to over my 10k goal.  And then I ate.  WOO.  


Every time today that I've remembered to do squats or other body weight work, it's either when I have to pee real bad or I just ate.  Need to work on that.  

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Definitely!  I'm excited to be *permitted* to start some strength work, but it will take a little while to incorporate that into my routine.  There's a twisted part of my brain that thinks, "oh, if I'm winning at my goals 90% of the time, then the goals are too easy."  But then that leads to me beating myself up for failing, when all that's happening is imperfection on the way to success.  So I'll keep the strength training as a thing to build into the schedule and figure I'll be hitting it pretty solidly by week four.  


In other news, during Monday's early-morning PT session, I got to use WEIGHTS during my internal/external rotation exercises!  He picked out the most rugged-looking 1# weights in the room for me.  RAWR.

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I've been doing some reading, and this pops into my mind whenever I get frustrated about not being able to give 100% to every aspect of progress.  It's from Steven Barnes' blog, "What times zero equals one?" regarding what he refers to as the "magic formula" for success:  GOALS x FAITH x ACTION x GRATITUDE = SUCCESS.  The idea is to put level-10 effort into each of these factors, but that's not always possible on a given day.  


"Have a “1†in every category (as a minimum) and at least you’re in the game.  But have a “zero†in any category, and everything else falls apart.   Make it a must, an absolute requirement of yourself, that you have at least a bit of a goal, a little faith, a minimal action, a dab of gratitude.  Needless to say, this is thin ice. But if you can “amp up†the other areas and maintain at least a “1†in the others, you can make progress, and move forward."


So that's what I'm aiming for -- no zeroes!  

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Calling it a night.  In addition to work, there was a parade of dentistry for two of the kids, a soccer scrimmage, and an orchestra concert.  Now, stepson needs a bit of assistance with finishing a costume for NakaCon this weekend.  He and I have a difficult relationship, so I'm prioritizing this opportunity over other things.  I am not going to hit my step goal today and -- despite knowing I was scrambling for a lot of the day -- my fitbit is showing ZERO minutes of activity.  Fuck that right in the ear.  I have a few days to make up for it and still end the week on target.Veggie/fruit and hydration were right on, though, and I worked in some bodyweight stuff between errands.  Unwilling to sacrifice a peaceful bedtime in order to Do All the Things.  Despite the readout, I *know* I am not ending the day with a zero in any category of my miracle formula for success.  


Mini-victory on the dietary front:  I've been thinking about having a bowl of strawberry mini-spooners all day (cereal is a comfort food).  Even joked on FB about it not being a serving of fruit.  Made a deal with myself early in the afternoon that, if I hit all my fruit/veggie servings today, I could have that as a treat.  Instead, I'm having a few slices of sharp cheddar cheese with my Lambrusco.  I even took the kids to Sonic for an ice cream treat and didn't get one!  


Also super-proud of my GF kid, who *prep cooked* some banana-egg-almond pancakes for herself last night, so she'd have plenty of good fuel on hand for a long day.  I was NOT prep cooking when I was 14.  Hell, I was not prep cooking when I was 30.  She got lots of high fives about that.  

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Well, here's my answer regarding why Fitbit never recorded any active minutes for me yesterday:  To stay in line with the Center for Disease Control's (CDC’s) “10 minutes at a time is fine†concept, minutes are only awarded after 10 minutes of continuous moderate-to-intense activity.


Harumph. I mean, it makes sense, but it's aggravating.  Need to recalibrate accordingly.  

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Last night's walk with the Big Doggie was...a little stressful.  At least her stamina is improving?  Very grateful for the gentle leader nose harness thing because, even if her excitement bumps me around a bit (a 160# dog can give a heckuva hipcheck), she can't really pull on my arm real hard.  It's just that the times I have to really walk her are when there are a lot of bunnies about and bunnies are EXCITING.  But she gets so happy and engaged when she thinks we're going out, and I'm happier when I think of myself as a person who takes the dog on nice walks.  The littler dog has started dancing in circles when she sees me leashing up the Baby Cow, but she's still very shy of her harness and is something of an escape artist (part otter, I think), so I can't take her out without the full harness and another person to help me.  So perhaps I will be a person who walks the dogs *and* who takes walks with the kids/hubby.  The weather is seriously beautiful for it.  


Eldest daughter will be home for a few days over her spring break, starting tomorrow by about lunchtime.  She enjoys hiking (and "rage hiking" in particular) and we might get some of that in while she's here.  I don't have time off work but it's light out later in the evenings, so who knows.  


Saw the chiropractor today, for the first time since my shoulder disintegrated.  Pretty darn tight across the thoracic region, for reasons, but she was able to adjust me.  Will plan to go back in another couple of weeks and work on that tightness.  PT wants me to work on thoracic mobility as well.  That's going to be a challenge, since it's likely I've been holding that area in unhelpful ways since...oh, maybe fifth grade (which is when my first shoulder dislocation happened).  :: sigh ::  Best time to work on that would have been 35 years ago; second-best time is NOW.  


Though I haven't yet been consistently winning on the BW strength work (outside of dedicated PT) or any sort of weight loss, I've been super-solid on the steps my doctor wanted me to be following to improve my lipid profile.  Going to keep my primary focus on those goals for this challenge and maybe punt the rest until the next one.  


Excited about a bright and lovely weekend without a ton of commitments in it!  Might be able to work in the garden on Sunday!  Woo!

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