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Missed my lunch walk today since it was 37 degrees with high wind gusts and I was a tad under dressed for that. But I worked with the trainer and got my ass handed to me. I found out today that the ropes they use aren't normal ropes, they're old fire truck hoses and WAY heavier than normal ropes. So my 30 second sets of double rope slams took me out! I actually felt a tad light headed after the 3rd round. I'm also getting better at planks. He says he has me do them for 30 seconds but I think he's sneaking in extra time. He'll say "half way there" "10 seconds left" then count down from 5 and there's no way the first two gaps are 5 seconds each, they are WAY longer then when he counts down. I'd call him out and ask how long I'm actually holding but I'm afraid that will cause a mental block keeping me from holding it as long.


I'll try to get an end of challenge update put out tomorrow night. I certainly learned a bit more about myself during this one and I think I'll have a better plan of attack for the next one I participate in. Since my trip is during the next challenge I'll probably sit that one out. Including travel times I'll be gone for 10 or 11 days. Been thinking of starting a battle log instead, though I'll settle on a theme first since I'll probably change my name on here when I do

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Current Challenge:  Maigs Does a Montage

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End of challenge reckoning:

Since I didn't have defined goals for this challenge I can't say if I passed for failed, but I'm going to call it Rangered. I've been moving more consistently, I'm pushing myself harder than I have before, and I'm learning what does and does not work for me. I've lost 6lbs and yesterday for the first time my body fat was under 30%. My pants are looser. I'm improving in my exercises. I signed up for an OCR in June and am planning on signing up for more this year. Thanks to new shoes I was able to complete 2 days of week 2 of C25k without my calves giving out on me (last 3 times I tried I had to stop in week 2 because my calves hurt so much I could barely walk much less run). My average daily steps for the last month are over 10k when before it was closer to 6k. I had two people tell me they can tell I've lost weight (one hadn't seen me since 2012 and one goes to my gym so she knows I'm working out but I'm still counting them!). I did (heavily assisted) chin ups! 5 in a row yesterday!

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Current Challenge:  Maigs Does a Montage

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I'm working on putting together my SMART goals. I'm thinking of doing a "Maigahane gets ready for the real challenge" challenge in this next one if I can get goals for it sorted out in the next day or so. Here are some ideas I've come up with either for this next one or future ones: Do a standard pushup (STR), hold a plank for 2 minutes (STR), touch toes for 1 minute (DEX), be able to do 4 flights of stairs without dying (CON), try one new recipe a week (WIS), do an OCR (LUYL). I'm certainly open to suggestions for others if anyone has ideas


So funny moment at work. Our office admin is working on losing weight and just joined a gym too so we talk about health and fitness kind of often. Well, she has a going out to eat problem but was saying she tries to make good choices. Like Friday nights they go out after nine for half priced appetizers at a chain restaurant and she gets wanton tacos and fried green beans; "I know they're fried but they're green beans so they're kinda healthy". I managed to keep my poker face on and just say "You'd be surprised, my sweet potato fries at Red Robin where more calories than the rest of my meal". Then I looked them up for her; 530 calories and 43 grams of fat for the fried green beans and 510 calories and 125 grams(?) cholesterol for the tacos. I wasn't surprised but she sure was. I was surprised about my 1400 calorie personal pizza this weekend though

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Current Challenge:  Maigs Does a Montage

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Reality can be so cruel.

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"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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