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  • Camminare: Pass. Met the goal most days, and well exceeded it on a couple. My iPhone tells me my average daily step count was 8 132.
  • Calistenia: Pass. I did not go as much as I would've liked, due to finals and work and C2E2, but my strength is still improving, and my row form is getting better.
  • Frutta e Verdura: Fail. I've been eating them, but not going out of my way too much for them. Let's do better next month.
  • Integretori Alimentari: Pass. Only a few missed, and mostly around the time when I needed to get new vitamins. I've switched to a twice-a-day Maxi Hair from Whole Foods.
  • Studiare: Pass. Mostly. I got A's on my transcript, but I could've done better on my finals. At 7% fluency in Italian on Duolingo (shady metric tho')
  • Programmare: Fail. I need a new wireless card if I'm going to get the Hackintosh working, but due to home-purchasing needs have been putting that off. Going to have to set an alert on PCPartPicker to let me know when it falls below a certain threshold.

I'll try to scale back my goals for next challenge due to the move. So far I have a decluttering and a grease-the-groove type goals. Looking for a third.

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