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Luciana Valerosa Culming

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On 22.3.2016 at 7:14 AM, Luciana Valerosa Culming said:

Week 4 - Endspurt


This week is extra hard on me. Monday started with shark week and my cold got stronger again. So I spend most of the day in bed and tried to sleep.


Fruits: Banana, Kiwi

Hydration: 5l


Tuesday was a little better. But still no writing. I hope my back stops aching tomorrow. This week is just gross.


Fruits: Banana, grapes

Hydration: 4l


Wednesday was better. I did my tibetans again. one of the exercises is similar to the downward dog. I just wished this damn couch was gone.


Fruits: apple, banana

Hydration: 4l


Thursday I felt much better. I did some housework and went outside for about 30 minutes.


fruits: two bananas, kiwi, strawberrys

hydration: 5l

+ walk


Friday I felt better in the afternoon. We were invitated for coffee by his family, so I couldn't get any writing done. But I'll tackle this goal this weekend.


fruit: apple, avocado, berries

hydration: 5l


Saturday I felt much better and did finally get some writing done.


fruit: orange, berries

hydration: 4l

wrote 2 pages


Sunday I wrote another three pages and now my draft has five pages. Jay! So I'm sure I'll ace this weeks goals.


fruit: orange, grapes

hydration: 3l

writing: 3 pages


So I got my fruits and water in every day. I finished my writing goal and I got this walk in. Nice week =)

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Very nice. This idea of breaking a challenge down to a weeklong thing really seems to suit you. Do you think it's something you're going to carry on doing?

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