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Chores done, only need to get the clothes off the line in a little while... or get the drying rack inside, if it's not dried off yet.... currently packing for easter at in-Laws and have to say: I am learning something... I fried a few bananas on one side of the pan and ham and salami on the other side, and I ended up not eating even half of it, because my males, the two larger ones at least, are taking notice of the food I make and have realised that some of it is pretty damn tasty... So I ended up sharing. *good_natured_grump*

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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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I am SOOO GLAD that we have a week zero this time around...

You have no idea. I was expecting the easter weekend to turn hectic with visiting the viking museum (which was so much fun) and visiting two of three sets of grandparents. But it was actually not. It was the most relaxed and relaxing, recharging, wonderful, lucky weather weekend I had in months if not years.


Spoiler for wall of pictures:




I didn't actually take any pictures between the houses, which is sad, because it was so nice there too... Anyway, you get the idea.

Easter Sunday at my inlaws was nice with the weather holding out long enough for us to have the kids run around the garden and all of us returning indoors before the clouds broke open the gates that held back the flood... so to speak.


Easter Monday, visit at my mum's without kids, because I am CHILDFREE until later today. WOOOOOOT. Tea and cake (and a nap for hubby) was had and we talked and talked and talked some more. Was really nice.


And since then I have had SO MUCH on my plate. I am finishing out what I want to show the participants of the Handarbeitskreis Friday morning, I have a list of shops I have to visit before Friday, I am planning to print out some instructions for very easy crochet projects. I am also planning to buy a few things at the crafts shop right next door to the copy shop, which in itself is practical, but mostly I am stressing about not getting everything done before Friday because it's already midmorning Wednesday... Silly. So much time still and not a lot of preassure at all. If I don't have all the ideas ready, so what? We go with actually practically learning crochet instead? That's not bad. I'll be fine. But I'm not convinced.


While at my inlaws and at home afterwards I also colored some more... here have some fish:



I am indeed enjoying the coloring. Weird, but I don't care. So now I am going to make a list, because that always helps me feel like I can manage everything, and then I am going to decide on 3 patterns and put them on a flashdrive and THEN I am going to go buy a few more pens, and some extra crochet hooks and go print it. And maybe, just MAYBE, the weather will relax it's grip and not ruin my evening plans for a long, LONG walk in one of the biggest, and pretties forested parks we have. Because of its closeness to the waterfront bad weather is really a turnoff...

But we'll see.


OH PS FKS class was FUN last night we got some seriously badass volleyball going. plus I did a heaping epic 34 consecutive rope jumps. Not double unders, normal close-legged rope jumps, you know I'm a beginner, right?


Love you all

I have no time to tally my spreadsheet or otherwise slose up the challenge, I am just glad it's not already week 1.





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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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Fourth and I hope final try to take the time and tally up this challenge. It's Monday, week one of the April challenge already and I have not posted here at all in the last week at the very least.
So, lets get down to it. Overall I learned something last month/this challenge. Which is the important part, so the challenge was a success. Not a heaping rockslide of a success, but I gotta take what I can. I found some mental connection between being tired and huge lists. I learned I really like doing the gratitude log, like Terra showed us. I learned (again!) that sometimes plans change. Keeping up with the forums is bloody hard work. And sometimes deciding on what is important and what isn't is a tooth and nail kind of battle, but I need learn to distinguish the two.


Final tally, mostly filled in...



I did drop out of the mini, because getting the week 1 paperwork out the door was really, really heaps of important . I had a few bigger and smaller weak points this time around: biggest two weak points: 1: I did zero yoga - except week 1 - and 2: home-workouts. The problem with home-workouts is that when I go to the weight room twice a week, have fitness+conditioning class twice a week with attached volleyball once and basketball the other time, I am not doing an additional workout at home. It's just illusionairy to expect from myself that I would. So the category should be either integrated into one big exercise category or otherwise put together. And yoga, yes, yoga. Not sure how to make the threshold even less steep, since it's so low already... Food for thought.

I gotta run, I'm just gonna call this challenge finished and thank you all for giving me pushes in the right directions throughout it all.



Gonna see where the next one brings me one of the next few days. (tonight is D&D, tomorrow is a family birthday, and Wednesday may be busy too, ... I hope I get my challenge up soon.

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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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