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Four Week Challenge 2.29-3.31


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Hey everyone!


I've decided to try for another challenge.  Mine will run from Feb. 29 to March 31st.  Quests are what I'd like to have accomplished by the end of March.  My boss battle for the end of the month will be climbing a large set of outdoor stairs that are fairly close to my home.  Right now I'm trying to improve my overall health and fitness level to prepare for spring/summer 2016.  My plan is to get a lot of hiking done this year so I'm starting with stair climbing for my main workouts.



  1. Complete 30 days of eating a paleo diet.  I will allow two days this month where I can have off-plan foods as there are a couple of birthdays coming up.
  2. Practice climbing outdoor stairs at the end of each week (mini-boss battles) to prep for the big boss.
  3. Exercise everyday for 15 minutes on both workout days and active rest days.

Level Up Your Life

  • Read 3 books by the end of the month; schedule at least 1/2 and hour of reading time each day.


  • Level 1:  Copy of Level Up Your Life - Steve Kamb
  • Level 2:  iPod Nano to keep me going during my workouts (lighter and easier than a phone and less distracting!)
  • Level 3:  Nintendo 3DS XL with 1-2 games (only if I accomplish all my goals!)
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Nice rewards!!  I hear you on the iPod size issue.  I like to run with my phone, but they are getting so large!!  It's like carrying a brick on my arm.


Good luck with the challenge!!!

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Great goals and great job giving yourself rewards worth working for.  Good luck!

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Welcome Vicarious!


First off my normal disclaimer:


In the two-ish years I've been on the forums one very important thing has made itself clear to me. You get out of it what you put in! Saying that, I encourage you to seek out a couple other members here and follow along with them and offer support when and where you can, together we are all stronger!


I love your goal/reward system you have developed, I'll be checking in to see how you're doing. Best of luck this challenge!

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Uggggh, stairs. That's quite the goal! How's it going so far?

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for all your comments.  The first week has been a bit rocky.  I got a couple good workouts in earlier in the week, then came down with a fever on Thursday/Friday that put me out of action for a couple days.  I tried climbing the outdoor stairs yesterday.  My goal was to climb them three times, but I only made it once before calling it quits (and having a 20-minute coughing fit afterwards).  My mini-goal this week will be to not miss a workout and to climb the outdoor steps at least three times in a row by next Sunday, as well as remembering to include my 15 minutes of activity everyday.


Diet improvements have also been lacking this week so I'll need to put some more effort into that this week.  Meal planning is already done - now it's just a matter of shopping and cooking.  Looking forward to a new week, hope everyone else is going well too!

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