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Toshimi jumps in with both feet


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So not sure what is going on with these new forums and  my computer... I posted last thursday and It doesnt seem to be there (could totally be user error though, I was trying to get it done while on my way out of the house) 


At my lowest this challenge I had dropped 11.5 lbs. although I seem to be bouncing between 168-171 for over a week, and cant seem to break below that. . next challenge I want to get down to the 160 range, I think it's very doable if I keep am better about sticking to tracking/working out


I thought I did okay over the weekend but the scale said otherwise. Not to worried about it, had a great time. 


Friday night we just sat around the camp ground, went to bed super early (like 8/830) slept in until almost 9 Saturday morning. Saturday went on a hike after breakfast. About 4 hours (not including about a 30 min lunch break), not exactly sure how far, I think it was about 8 total. had a great picnic lunch watching the condors before hiking back down. 


Sunday we went wine tasting on the way home. picked up the champagne for the wedding.


68 days till the wedding!



Try not, do or do not- Yoda

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